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Who Is Covered?

All warranties provided under the name Uptown Floors shall cover the original owner only and are not transferable.

Warranty Coverage And Time

The original buyer is covered under our lifetime structural warranty of our solid and engineered product lines. Finish warranties shall run for a period of twenty five years. See more here.

What is Not Covered?

It is critical all pre-installation and actual installation guidelines be followed stringently. Reasons being, in my 25 year experience from installer to store owner handling dozens of other hardwood brands, issues that brought claims to the table were always related to lack of knowledge in how to install a hardwood floor properly. Rarely were there any manufacturing related causes.

Visit These Page Links For General Guidelines, Cases and Anecdotes

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Floor Care & Maintenance

Maintaining A Problem Free Floor

The better professionals will arm you with enough information in how to keep your new floor performing just as good as it looked after the installation is done.


If in the unlikely event you experience product problems the following criteria must be met. Uptown Floors reserves the right to have a professional hardwood flooring inspector make their own independent inspection before any claim is considered.


The installer is responsible for checking moisture conditions prior to the installation. Uptown Floors will not consider moving forward with any claims if the following criteria has not been met.

Moisture testing must be performed before the job starts. This includes random testing of material, sub floor, interior relative humidity and proper crawlspaces or basements. Concrete slabs must be tested along with a general idea of exterior conditions.

NOTE: Cheap or off name brand moisture meters are not acceptable.

1. Proper storage area. Upon delivery flooring must be placed in the area(s) it is to be installed. Garages, basements, out buildings, and non climatized areas are not considered storage areas.
2. Moisture testing must be performed that includes interior relative humidity, sub floor and material itself.

a. Relative humidity must average in the 30-55% range.
b. Sub floor moisture levels must be tested with proper moisture testing equipment. Documentation shall coincide with the average moisture content in your region. (map below)
c. Material must be tested with proper moisture testing equipment. A random testing of 20 boards is considered normal.

Documentation shall be of original photos.

Average Interior Wood Products Moisture Content By Region. United States

moisture content map

I am quite proud offering you a reasonably priced high quality product. Industry procedures must be met to insure your floor performs before, during and after the installation.

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