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Hardwood Flooring Tools

In previous years this site was named hardwoodinstaller.com. It was aimed at all audiences including the determined do it yourselfers. Nothing changed when it became Uptown Floors. Below are a list of power and hand tools, along with page links for more information and uses on each one. I know the guys want to see the cool tools first, but let's not forget the other ones (further down the page) that could spell the success or failure in any job.

As mentioned numerous times on the site, floor preparation, acclimation, and being aware of moisture conditions before, during and after the work has been completed are three critical elements that should be followed at all times.

Power Tools

Power Tools
Item General Purpose
10" Miter Saw Basic cut off saw for narrow strip or plank. Trim cutting saw
Compound Miter Saw Used for wider plank or diagonal installations.
Jig Saw Cuts irregular shapes
Circular Saw Used chiefly for plywood installations or repairs
Table Saw For ripping down board lengths
Jamb Saw Specialty. Cuts under door casings
Toe Kick Saw Specialty. Cuts underlayment away from walls or under cabinets
Routers Specialty item for inlays, insets. Also used for re-grooving planks
Multifunction Tool Ideal for doing board replacements.
Festool Specialty. High quality precision specialized power tools.

Tools For Preparation

Glue Adhesives Not all are created equal
Common Sense Yessir, it's a valuable and overlooked tool
Edgers Flattens high spots on wood subfloors
Concrete Demo Hammer Removes ceramic tile, thin set, and severe high spots on concrete
Concrete Grinders Removes paint overspray concrete, mild high spots on concrete
Hygrometers Tests relative humidity
Knee Pads Not all are created equal
Buffers Removes larger amounts of drywall mud and paint on concrete
Floor Leveling Compounds & Tools Tools, products for concrete and wood sub floors
Scrapers Manual types, used mostly for concrete subfloors before the installation
Flooring Sealers Keeps moisture at bay. Common sealers may not work.
Moisture Meters Tests moisture. Concrete & wood
Underlayment More for floating floors

Installation Tools

Installation Tools
Air Compressors For pneumatic fastening. Staples or nails
Nailers & Staplers
For fastening to wood subfloors
Nailers On Wheels New adapters making installations quicker and accurate.
Nail Guns Used for trim and where flooring nailers cannot reach
Floor Jack Used to install boards tight near walls. Naildown floors
Pull Bars Invaluable with floating floors
Strap Clamps Used for pulling boards tight with floating floors
Trowels For glue down installations

Repair Items & Refinishing Tools

Refinishing Tools & repair
Adhesive Removers
Removing adhesive from hardwood floor surfaces
Dust Control Tips to avoid a sneezing house.
Drum Sanders About. Sanding sequences
Square Buff Sander Rarely used by professionals. It will not work as some advertise.
Flooring Edgers Sands where the big machine can't. Sanding sequences
Floor Buffer Used for final sanding
Finish Applicators Tools for applying the finish
Glue Injection Kits Repairs popping or loose boards