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Multifunction Tool Hardwood Floor Repairs

The multifunction tool has become a great tool for repairs, Multifunction replacing boardsproviding the person using the tool is good at it. Before the original came out manufactured by Fein we installers used hammers and chisels to do board replacements, or in this example of a large tie in repair that involved cutting back about a dozen boards.

USA Made hardwood floors

I've also noticed abrading attachments work wonders in corners or harder to get to areas when aluminum oxide floors need to be completely refinished. Not so much for grinding down the finish but breaking or fracturing the finish so a regular hand scarper can be used.

Another use for the tool has been in cutting door casings for hardwood to slip under. However, I'm not fond of it’s use because it simply cannot match the precision and superior cut that an electric jamb saw can accomplish.

Fein invented this oscillating tool back in the mid eighties, keeping a very high price tag intact along with it. However in 2008 when their patent expired, others came on board including ones from Dremel, Bosch, Chicago Pneumatic, Rockwell and Dremel (shown). Today prices run in the $ 70.00 range for one that you can trust.

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Transcript of the video

This tool works by way of an oscillating motion, or back and forthVideo transcript for those lacking smarts like myself. It works wonders for doing smaller repairs like the board replacements being shown. It’s simple to use and not aggressive like other power tools.

I only wish I had more examples as the pros take this tool for granted nowadays. It’s basically the best tool to replace a hammer and chisel. There are all sorts of uses for this tool in the hardwood business. Here’s another example showing removing older floors in those tougher spots under kitchen cabinets.

Here’s another spot where this tool works great, Cutting under door casings or in tight spots where a hand saw can’t get into.