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Hardwood Floor Finishing

    • Staining Wood Floors
    • Remove Wax Buildup
    • Basics. Color possibilities. Time involved in such a project. Also discussed; unique prefinished products.
    • Millions of older floors face this problem. Easy fixes do not work.
USA Made hardwood floors
    • Refinishing Stairs
    • UV Curing
    • On Site UV Curing
    • Specifics in costs and downtime involved. 10 steps two pie landings. Detailed.
    • Get the jobs done in half the time or more. On site UV curing gets you back in the house quicker.
    • Do It Yourself
    • Refinishing Beveled Floors
    • Many are bound and determined. Here we discuss reasons why most DIY projects fail. Plenty of videos too.
    • This will be a huge subject in the not too distant future. Can they be refinished to look the same, or take the bevels out?

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