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Wire Brushed Cerused Hardwood Flooring

Wire brushed hardwood is a minor form of distressing, but does depend Video on this pageon the depth of the brushing. Deeper brushing can be problematic in that it can snag everyday dust and in the case of household pets; hair. Board edges along the long side can also create splintering after the installation.

The actual process often involves a wire brushing procedure seen in the images below. In the process, wire brushes are designed to remove the soft portion of the hardwood in what is termed spring wood; the softer part. However some techinques do more than just remove the spring wood as they etch even deeper into the grain (second image).

The end result with deeper or more aggressive brushing is seen in the second image. A softer more subtle brushing takes just enough of the soft wood resulting in a smoother appearance and feel in the third image.

Wire brushing machine
Wire brushing machine

Wire Brushed Texture Differences

Deep textured wire brushed hardwood
Deep textured brushed
Cerused white oak with white accents
Soft textured brushed Key Largo

Our own Imagination line of hardwoods offered in engineered and solid offer the subtle brushing effects mentioned above. Keep in mind, due to the denseness of each individual plank, a random look will appear. In other words, some boards may have the subtle brush effect while others smooth.

Once again as in our mild scraped hardwoods a unique technology was improved by my Amish friends who manufacture all of the Uptown hardwood lines. The actual process involves a modern ceruse application, offering a less destructive form of accenting the grain. Personally I feel this type of style, has a very good chance of surviving design trends in coming years compared to others.

Ceruse Color Possibilities

There are numerous color combinations to the cerused process with the most popular being white or off white. There are limitless possibilities. If something suits your fancy, contact us and we can work on creating the look you want.

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More Wire Brushed Options

In the summer of 2017 we introduced two new wire brushed lines. Texture is a tad heavier than the above Imagination line, but NOT aggressive. Furthermore, all Red and White Oaks along with Hickory are offered in this brushed format.

Character White Oak

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Character Hickory

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