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American hardwood flooring
Smooth finished Hickory & Maple hardwood
Hand Scraped Hickory Hardwoods

Light wire brushed white oaks
Smooth or wire brushed prefinished Red Oak
Black walnut clear stained
Cerused white oak floors
Ash hardwood floors
Wire brushed Hickory hardwoods
Black Wire brushed hardwood floors
unfinished engineered plank

Matching Stair Treads, Risers & Other Millwork

Color matched stair treadsOffered with all of our unfinished and prefinished natural or stained hardwoods are matching stair treads and risers. Unfortunately with all prefinished manufacturers obtaining such is a near impossibility. Our treads are custom matched and run at the same time as your flooring so there's no concern of not getting the same color and/or texture.


·Single return (1 ½ inch setback, bullnosed) ¹
·Double return (1 ½ inch setback, bullnosed) ¹

Standard Dimensions

·1 inch thickness
·11 ½ inch depth
·36 to 96 inch lenths


Pricing will vary from hardwood species, texturing and color, but a general guide runs in the $ 40.00 per lineal foot range. White Oak & Walnut higher. Single returns (see below) add $ 25.00 and double returns (both sides) add $ 50.00 for each tread.

Double return stair tread
Double Retun Stair Tread
Set back
1 ½ inch setback, bullnosed

See Our Tread Manufacturing & Finishing Video

Texture Match

Texture match is also accomplished with our Imagination and Country Lifestyle. Once again, all treads are run with your flooring during the finishing process insuring the same color as your hardwood flooring.

After final UV coat
Final UV coat after color match
Color matched stair treads
Matching Treads. Imagination Big Sur
Solid floating hardwood treads
Unfinished Engineered With Solid Floating Treads
Cerused stair treads
Hand Scraped Hickory stair treads
custom eased edge stair treads
Radius treads and risers
Clear White Oak Rift Qtrd pie tread
Hickory starter tread
Custom Color - large starter step. Hickory hand scraped
 white oak floating stairs
1 1/2" inch thick stair treads white oak
character hickory stair treads prefinished

Single Returns

Reddish brown matched stair tread Grey color matched stair tread

Odd Shaped Treads


On occasion we get requests from folks that have an unusual type of stair system. The example below is a Bermuda (March 2017) customer job. The product will be our Country Lifestyle Shady Gardens. Unfortunately no final pictures have been received.

How To Measure?

There is no measuring. Individual templates have to be made for each and every step, preferably out of poster board or similar. Photos should also be supplied to us as seen in the samples below. In this case the step numbers actually started at the top.

Depending on how the system is built and what is being used for riser material, you must include an allowance for a bull nose overhang. In this case no risers will be used, rather the concrete will be sealed. Overhang dimensions are set at one inch.

Rough Stairs
Rough Stairs
Rough Stairs

Hickory Example

Several larger pie shaped and closed treads from a customer in California. Also included are stair risers. Product used: Hickory Reserve.

Color Matched Stair Treads, Risers & Other Millwork

In addition, color matched baseboard and other millwork is available. Need the same stain color for other woodwork in your home? Quart or gallon containers can be ordered and shipped with your flooring as well, but we do need notice on your initial order.

Hickory flush mount floor vent
Flush Mount Vents With Frame² Casual Elegance Fall Colors
Hickory flush mount floor vent
White oak self rim vent
Self Rim Vent - White Oak Reserve
Red Oak cold air return
Large Cold Air Return (only for walls or celings) - Red Oak Reserve
Walnut cold air return cubed
Small Cold Air Return (only for walls or celings) - Walnut Reserve

Custom is what we aim for. HVAC vents that match prefinished hardwood floors cannot be found, particularly with stained hardwoods. We handle any dimension desired. Cold air return, flush mount and self rimming³ are available.

Oversized Millwork - Nosing & Risers

Shown below are two examples offered by a Virginia Beach customer. Two areas needed stair nosing and risers at least eleven feet long for our Ash Reserve. One piece, extra long items such a this is an impossibility with all prefinished manufacturers. They simply do not go over 7 or 8 feet in length on stair nosing. Two custom risers, same length and 7 inches in height were also provided.

long step risers
extra long stair nosing

A Few Baseboard Examples

The baseboard examples below range from 3 ½” to 5 ½” in height. Have another style or profile you prefer? Just let us know.

custom baseboard

1. Authentic American Red Oak Reserve
2. Authentic American White Oak Reserve
3. Country Lifestyle Grey Sky
4. Casual Elegance Morning Sunrise
5. Authetic American Lively Walnut Reserve
6. Imagination Key Largo
7. Casual Elegance Sprawling Pastures

Baseboard Profiles - click to enlarge

· Samples available - $ 5.00 each. 6" length
  • Hickory Baseboard
  • Red Oak Baseboard
  • White Oak Baseboard
  • Walnut Baseboard

¹ Set backs can be longer depending on what your specifications call for (shown above in the UV curing station)

² Frame included. Grates can removed easily for cleaning.

³ Common vents that just drop into place loosely.