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Herringbone, Chevron Wood Floors - Unfinished, Prefinished

Herringbone and Chevron parquet floors are ordinarily installed one piece at a time forming several distinct patterns depending on what you desire. For all intent and purposes the following deals with one piece products. These projects require knowledgeable professionals familiar with the nuances that get corrected immediately before problems spiral out of control.

Who Manufacturers Herringbone & Chevron Designs?

Herringbone and Chevron type designs are available in all of our product lines:

Authentic American - Smooth finished American naturals
Imagination - Two toned cerused White Oaks
Casual Elegance - Smooth finished Character Hickory, Maple & Walnut
Country Lifestyle - Handscraped Hickory & Walnut
Graceful Ash - Smooth finished clear Ash
Lifestyle Choice - Character Hickory wire brushed
Rustic Charm - Character White Oak wire brushed
The Blacks - This and that

*** Minimum order 500 square feet ***
unless accompanied with a plank order
Hickory Herringbone
Unfinished White Oak Clear 4 ¼" x 24"
Custom Site Finished White Oak Character 5 ¼" x 36"

Chevron Patterns

Chevron patterns are considered part of the herringbone family dating back to the early 1600’s. Instead of an interlocking block like configuration the boards are end milled at a 45 degree angle. Shown below is one custom Chevron pattern finished on site.

How Are They Installed?

Most of these designs are installed by gluing to a wood or concrete sub floor, but doesn't rule out solid 3/4" herringbone nailed to sound and flat sub floors. These projects typically take three to four times longer than standard 2 1/4" strip floors to install, due to the detailed need to insure proper and constant alignment at all times.

Labor Costs?

Expect labor costs to double that of a standard installation due to the time involved and need for an experienced installer familiar with proper layout. I can’t stress enough of the latter. One small misalignment that wasn’t corrected when the job started, tops the list for inadequate jobs or ones that get the most consumer complaints.

Folks, these jobs are for pros, not weekend warriors, but for those engineering pros I hear from on ocassion, it’s very doable providing your knees and back are fine. It's okay enginnered guys. My dad had the same mind as yours. But don't take it overboard.

Preview Prefinished Herringbone

  • White Oak Clear Herringbone Clear
    White Oak
  • White Oak Character Herringbone Character
    White Oak
  • White Oak Character Herringbone Clear
  • Walnut Character Herringbone Character
  • White Oak Character Herringbone Clear


For details and dimensions please call or use the form below to get in touch.

Unfinished Herringbone & Chevron

The images shown above either site finished or unfinished are manufactured with a square edge. By way of explanation, they do not have micro bevels as the examples of the prefinished Imagination Manhattan, Casual Elegance Rolling Hills and White Oak Character. However, for those seeking an unfinished micro bevel we do offer the option.


Both products are cut or milled with a groove on three sides. Splines are included and used to insure a tight locking connection.

5 ¼" White Oak Engineered Herrigbone with splines
Shown with tongue side

Milling Examples

We take standard milled hardwood flooring, cut to desired lengths (or shapes as in the chevron below) and finally mill the end joint grooves. Precision, precision and more. Each individual piece is run through the machine shown below by hand and checked for fit. This is not a quick automated process.

3 ¼" White Oak Solid Chevron being milled
Milled bevel

Engineered or Solid?

All of our products are available in ¾ inch solid or engineered.

Lead Time?

• Solid Prefinished: 5-8 weeks
• Solid Unfinished: 4-6 weeks
• Engineered Unfinished: 4-6 weeks
• Engineered Prefinished: 5-8 weeks

Questions, Inquiries?