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Exclusive Walnut


USA American MadeVideo Transcript:

Hi I’m Ken Fisher, founder of Uptown Floors

Our exclusive clear Black Walnut was created because of the demand for unique walnut stains. They’re not for everybody but boy do they make a statement.

Learn more about our clear Black Walnut.

Our clear Black Walnut will have some streaks of sapwood on the outer edges of boards seen here with the Mahogany Flair.

We do have an upgraded option for what’s called clear Walnut no sap shown here with our unfinished engineered.

Looking for that color, that custom color that you just can’t live without? Folks, I’ve heard your frustration. Give me a call 239-221-7433 and thanks for watching.

For those that may want some character we can do that as well. Shown are some example room scenes done with our


Manufacturing Origin: USA
Thickness Solid: n/a
Thickness Engineered: 3/4 inch 11 Ply (5.8 mm wear layer) Solid Sawn
Plank Widths Solid: n/a
Plank Widths Engineered: 3 ¼ - 8 ¼"
Lengths: 12-96" Random length. Solid & engineered
Edge Style: Micro bevel
Surface Feel: Smooth
Finish Type: Solid UV Ceramic. See More
Finish Gloss: 20% matte (standard) 10% low matte option
Finish Warranty: 25 years
Structural Warranty: Lifetime
Radiant Heat: YES. 80 degrees and less. See More
Availability: 5-6 weeks, custom

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Small swatch box

Small Swatch Box
8 5/8" x 5 3/8"
$ 1 00
each sample plus S&H
Medium box

Large Box
13 5/8" x 11 7/8"

$ 25 00
each sample plus S&H