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Country Lifestyle

Open spaces and cherish the moments of today and tomorrow.

Country Lifestyle is a design idea I picked up from folksUSA American Made like yourself. Instead of a heavily textured and distressed appearance, the thought crossed my mind of a hardwood that looks and feels authentic and naturally worn.

I also chose a mild character graded Hickory for its long standing reliability and durability in that it can take a beating more than any other American hardwood. For those that prefer the classic appeal of darker hardwoods, Walnut was also added with just enough tint to darken it a shade or two.

Your Country Lifestyle earth toned colors offer a glimpse of the past, but they speak strongly for the American will to stay a course that cherishes the moments of today and always looks forward to the future.

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Manufacturing Origin: USA
Thickness Solid: 3/4 inch
Thickness Engineered: 3/4 inch 11 Ply (5.8 mm wear layer) Solid Sawn
Plank Widths Solid: 3 ¼ - 5 ¼"
Plank Widths Engineered: 3 ¼ - 8 ¼"
Lengths: 12-96" Random length. Solid & engineered
Edge Style: Micro Bevel sides. Irregular ends
Surface Feel: Light scrape
Finish Type: Solid UV Ceramic. See More
Finish Gloss: 20% matte (standard) 10% low matte option
Finish Warranty: 25 years
Structural Warranty: Lifetime
Radiant Heat:YES. 80 degrees and less. See More
Availability: 5-7 weeks, custom (may run longer depending on demand)

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Small swatch box

Small Swatch Box
8 5/8" x 5 3/8"
$ 1 00
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Medium box

Large Box
13 5/8" x 11 7/8"

$ 25 00
each sample plus S&H