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Preparation For Hardwood Floors

    • Proper Sub Floors
    • Which Way To Install Floor?
    • Types of sub floors from concrete to wood and terrazzo. Proper conditions.
    • What looks better? Floors running long ways or sideways? Can depend on the type of sub floor. Diagonal installations.
    • Measuring
    • Moisture Testing
    • Self explanatory but we go into more detail on what’s needed for the job.
    • Failure to perform moisture testing or being aware of potential problems can lead to failure. It happens too frequently!
USA Made hardwood floors
    • Acclimation
    • Trends In Hardwood Flooring
    • It’s not about time but what the environment is going to be like after the installation.
    • What’s popular in styles and color? What parts of the home are often used for wood floors. Prefinished, unfinished.
    • Floor Preparation
    • Tips To Avoid Problems
    • Probably the most important aspect of any successful installation. Yet so many ignore.
    • Can’t miss this section! It can be a matter of success or failure. Don't be like this guy!

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