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Engineered Glue Down Specifications & Guidelines

Jobsite Inspection - Insuring proper conditions to install any hardwood floor begins with a
thorough jobsite examination. Visit this link for a detailed analysis of what should be looked at.

Moisture Testing Meters - Meters come in a variety of flavors. Some are better than others.
Moisture testing has become an extremely important element in any successful hardwood
installation from start to finish. See more on moisture meters.

Acclimation - Acclimation is not a time thing. It’s more about what the acceptable moisture
conditions are in relation to the actual product, sub floor and all areas of the home.
More at this link.

Sub Floor Types - For engineered glue down installations and new construction, a proper
concrete slab curing time is necessary with 90 days recommended. Surface shall not have any
chalky, sandy or other unusual characteristics. Nor should it have a reflective surface.

Floor Preparation - One of the most important parts of any successful installation. Hardwood
flooring needs a flat surface prior to installation. See more on concrete sub floor prep here

How To Install A Glue Down Engineered Floor - Our engineered products are not intended
for the do it yourself. I would urge you to consider a member of the National Wood Flooring
Association. You can use their member locator service at this link.

Useful Tips - I know some will try to install our products for themselves. Visit this link for an
analysis of installing an engineered floor on concrete.

Adhesives - Proper adhesives are another critical component of any successful hardwood floor installation. Uptown Floors offers the following as our adhesive requirements.

Bostiks MVP Sealer
Bostiks Best
Bostiks Greenforce
Taylor MS Plus Advance

NOTE: Concrete substrates should be scarified for proper bonding of adhesives and or sealers.

Adhesive Cleanup - A cleanup schedule should be followed in rigor. This would include times
when each section is installed, It’s also a wise idea to periodically check for any adhesives that
may have been tracked over other areas. At the end of each day, check again in different
angled views. Smudges can be seen best from a kneeling position in the direction of light

Racking - Racking allows for a better distribution of color, lengths and proper board staggering. Racking should be performed before each area is laid. See more on racking here.

Keeping The Floor Tight - Times have changed over the years bringing on longer length engineered and wider planks. As buyers today place a heavy emphasis on the finished appearance, all experienced installers will use systems (noted below) to keep the installation tight and gap free. The installation must be aligned and square from the start. Not paying attention will result in installations that will show gaps throughout. Some tools used include:

Strap Clamps
Wedging - see an example from years gone by before the widespread use of strap clamps. Towards the page bottom.

Avoid Problems - By avoiding the most often causes of problems with hardwood floors your
new floor from Uptown will perform as expected. See more on avoiding problems.