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Frequently Asked Questions

Order Minimum

Our minimum order requirement is 500 square feet.

· Are there sales taxes?
· Do you offer samples?
· How long does it take for my order?
· Shipping & receiving with video
· Payment methods
· Returns & cancellations
· Damages

Where Does Our Hardwood Come From?

Uptown hardwoods are manufactured in the USA and ship from SE Ohio. You can learn more here.

How To Buy

Where Can I Buy Uptown Hardwoods?

Our products are available to all 48 continental USA states. Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Caribbean Islands and others. For Canadian buyers we do offer shipping but do not handle customs arrangements. For other areas please contact us.

Treads, Risers and Other Mill Work

We only offer stair accessories, baseboard, shoe molding and other millwork to buyers of at least 500 square feet of hardwood flooring.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Sales Taxes

Only residents of Florida will be charged sales tax as we are based in Florida.


View the videos to the right. Below for mobile phone users.

How Do I Place An Order?

The short video above explains the details.

Time To Receive Order

Your product is custom made once an order is established. Presently the time to receive our prefinished hardwoods after an order is placed is running 5-6 weeks. Country Lifestyle hardwoods may run a bit longer depending on demand.

Other exceptions may include wider plank material and clear White Oak. The latter of which is experiencing unprecedented demand.

Shipping & Receiving

Shipping costs are figured on weight and distance from the finishing facility in Ohio. During consultation, a shipping cost can be calculated if we have the total square footage.

Shipping is handled by R&L Carriers. Shipping quotes cannot be obtained from their website as Uptown Floors receives volume discounting.

Our solid and engineered hardwoods weigh three pounds per square foot. A typical box or carton may weigh 63 to 78 pounds. Dimensions run eight feet in length by six to 10 inches wide depending on the width purchased. See a typical pallet with the image shown at the bottom of this page.

Where To Put Your Flooring

Flooring must be placed inside the home in areas it is to be installed. Garages, sheds or other areas are not acceptable.

Residential and Business Delivery

Delivery is performed by way of large tractor trailers in most cases. Exceptions may include older metro areas with narrow streets. Prior to delivery you will be provided with the shippers local phone number and PRO# to be used for tracking. A PRO# identifies you with your order. PRO numbers become available on the afternoon your order is shipped. All information will be emailed. For residential delivery they will call in advance to set up a delivery window.

PRO#'s are typically 8-10 digits. Example: 0127540034

Residential delivery requires able bodied help to offload cartons from the back of the truck. Drivers will assist in handing boxes down. Lift gates¹ are not available due to the length of our pallets. In addition, trucks can only go as far as the end of your driveway.

Watch Our Residential Delivery Video

Shipping to a business can reduce costs. However the business must be open from 8AM to 5 PM with someone able to receive deliveries. There are no advanced notifications for a business delivery unless specified. Home type businesses are not included.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards via PayPal, checks and bank wire transfers. You are not required to have a PayPal account for payments. You can simply bypass their payment area and use any major credit card.

Payments - Deposit & Final Payment

Considering the lead time in receiving your order, we require a 50% down payment at the time of order. The balance will be due when the order ships. In both instances, invoices will be e-mailed where payment can be settled. See more in the video above.

Progress Reports

You will receive one progress report during the making of your custom floor. This will occur when the milling is completed along with an estimated time the finishing will be completed. The latter will not exceed ten business days.

Returns & Cancellations

Considering your order is custom made we do not accept returns on overages. In light of that, it is always a very good idea to have leftovers should repairs be needed at a later date. Leftover boxes should be laid flat in a climate controlled area and not in garages or storage sheds exposed to humidity swings.

Once your order is received you will have 96 hours to cancel your order free of charge. If cancellations are requested after 96 hours have elapsed, we’ll do our best to stop the order, but charges may be incurred.


Having been in this business long enough and understanding how freight damages occur, it’s more about how the product is packaged on a pallet (shown below) more than anything. Our hardwood floors are loaded to oversized pallets running eight feet in length with protection from bumping and protected by the weather elements.

Large pallet
Packaging Example

If damages are incurred we require notification immediately with pictures. Torn boxes or damages to one or two boards is not considered damage as they can be used during the installation process as “starter” or “finishing” boards.

Damages must also be noted on the delivery ticket with your signature. Without documentation we cannot he held responsible. If documentation is noted we will ship replacements at no cost to you.

Ken Fisher
Uptown Floors

¹ Are available only with standard pallets that contain herringbone or chevron type flooring that does not exceed 48 inches in length. Additional costs may be incurred depending on the amount. These costs will be factored into your shipping.

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