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USA Made - The Story

You believe in better. That's what Uptown Floors is about.

Uptown Floors involved two years of planning and assembling an USA MadeAmerican only product line. Having an extensive background in hardwood flooring itself, I followed an outline of what many are looking for. Tops on the list was creating a high quality product made by Americans in America.

Finding Responsible Sources Difficult

Over the two year planning stage, I looked inward to our country as a source for materials, visiting and contacting many mills that manufacture hardwood flooring. Unfortunately there was always one element missing. A proven track record of responsibility and care for the environment. Every single one on my list failed because they were more or less scrambling over the last 5-10 years to becoming responsible.

Higher Quality Lumber & Crastmanship

Then I made it into higher quality lumber country of the Appalachian mountains; where aged old skills and craftsmanship has dominated for nearly two hundred years. I found what I was looking for nestled in southeastern Ohio. This is where I placed my vested interest in a unique manufacturing and finishing facility.

Our finishing expert Robert analyzes new products on his yearly winter visit to our showroom.


If you watch my manufacturing videos, I take you through the manufacturing and finishing facilities to show how Uptown Floors are made. I take pride in this because I know many people out there really want to know how their floors are made, or if they actually come from the USA.

Local Sustainable Sources

All solid and engineered hardwoods sold through Uptown Floors originates from within the the north central areas of the Appalachian mountain range.

Engineered Manufacturing

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Baltic Birch makes up our engineered core, a proven and widely used substrate in industries like fine furniture and cabinet making.

The adhesion process of bonding your engineered hardwoods is accomplished by using an environmentally friendly hotmelt adhesive application sourced in the USA.

All Uptown products are CARB 2 compliant. See test results.


Your finishes are also environmentally friendly, VOC free and manufactured outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

Ken Fisher
Uptown Floors

See How Our Floors Are Made

Engineered Floors
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See How Our Floors Are Made

Engineered Floors

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