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American Made Hardwood Floors

Highest Quality Engineered Flooring - 3/4 Inch Thickness

Choose From Popular Character Hardwoods To Contemporary
Clear Walnut engineered
hand scraped Hickory
Clear white oak

Plenty of Customization Available

We are not a buy off the shelf company. Each and every order is custom made. Nearly all products we offer can be customized. I’m sure many have heard these store comments.

□ We can’t do it that way.
□ It only comes in one plank width
□ It only comes in one grade.
□ We can’t change the gloss level
□ That’s the way it comes. We can’t wire brush it.
□ It comes wire brushed. We can’t make it smooth.
□ And plenty more.

3/4 Inch Thick Engineered - Offers Peace of Mind

Our thicker ¾ inch engineered floors are becoming the reliable choice with the large demand for wider plank floors. Ideal for concrete slab installation and traditional floor joist built homes. Why? Our video explains it best.

Popular Sellers
Hickory Wide Plank
White Oak Wide Plank
Traditional hardwoods
Unfinished engineered

Color Matched Stair Treads
We don’t leave you hanging with solutions for stairs. All treads are manufactured, finished and shipped with your flooring
Custom coloring
Custom coloring can also include matching another product color you can’t live without, or one that has a thin wear layer.
Random Mixed Width Plank
Others don’t go near this option. Random width plank in any orientation you desire up to 8 ¼ inches on White & Red Oak, Hickory and Walnut.
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