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Who Is Covered?

All warranties provided under the name Uptown Floors shall cover the original owner only and are not transferable.

Warranty Coverage And Time

The original buyer is covered under our lifetime structural warranty of our solid and engineered product lines. Finish warranties shall run for a period of twenty five years. See more here.

What is Not Covered?

It is critical all pre-installation and actual installation guidelines be followed stringently. Reasons being, in my 25 year experience from installer to store owner handling dozens of other hardwood brands, issues that brought claims to the table were always related to lack of knowledge in how to install a hardwood floor properly. Rarely were there any manufacturing related causes.

Visit These Page Links For General Guidelines, Cases and Anecdotes

Jobsite Inspection
Moisture Testing Meters
Sub Floor Types
Floor Preparation Wood Sub Floors
Floor Preparation Concrete
Floor Care & Maintenance

Maintaining A Problem Free Floor

The better professionals will arm you with enough information in how to keep your new floor performing just as good as it looked after the installation is done.

Avoiding Problems After The Installation

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