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Routers - Slot Cutter

Router medallion in floor

The use of routers is principally used for creating new grooves so the tongue and groove portion of the installation remains interconnected. This occurs when installers create patterns or a simple header board that can separate carpet and wood floors. When the actual groove portion of the board is lost by cutting the side or end joints, a new groove needs to be milled so the tongue and groove function is not lost.

USA Made hardwood floors

Essentially what occurs is joining boards without a connecting joint will rub against one another. Upon installation it may not be obvious, but allow time for the floor to move and breathe with changes in relative humidity and you will have some noisy areas in the floor when walked on.

Also Used For Repairs

Other uses for routers can come into play for repair work, especially floating floors that have been glued Slot cutterby tongue and groove. While boards are removed, waiting for the insertion of new, existing grooves may be clogged with dried glue remnants. With the proper router and bit (often called a slot cutter, or spline groove router bit), a few simple passes can clean the glue to accept any new boards.

The slot cutter (left) comes equipped with a collar that rides or glides along the edge of the board. The orange area shows three carbide tipped blades that handle the cutting. This kind of work can be done with the use of a router table or on the floor as shown above.

Routers are invaluable when installing medallions or existing floor border work. Shown above is an ellipse medallion being installed with a template and router. Router bits often come with the Rotozip for hardwood medallion cut outmedallions themselves or can easily be obtained online. Costs can run anywhere from $40 to $75.00.

Alternate Tool - Less Intimidating

A simple Rotozip or similar tool can handle the work of a router for specialty designs. In fact my pages that show how a medallion is installed on wood sub floors shows the use of the Rotozip.

Shown on the right is a Bosch type tool cutting out the perimeter for the insertion of a star type medallion. Smaller tools like this are not only safer to use but also quieter.

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Medallion retail store
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