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Festool Wood Floors

Festool tool systems are specialty items that should be in any good installers tool box especially if he does creative border and pattern work. Having worked with these tools in the past all I can say is absolute top drawer German engineering at its finest. Festool has a number of power tools that can be used for hardwood applications.

USA Made hardwood floors

The most often used tool is the plunge saw (similar to circular saws in their primary function) that can be set on a guide rail system for precise cuts. No concern over blade wiggling with this beauty. The saw itself glides along the rail and will not sway. The tool also has a plunge setting similar to a router.

Border Work Example

Straight edge circular saw cut Brazilian Cherry herringbone

Shown above is the TS 55 plunge saw in action. The job involved a prefinished Brazilian Cherry herringbone installation on plywood. The field was installed first then a three inch wide Maple border along with two rows of 3” Brazilian cherry as the outer border after the perimeter was trimmed.

Repairs & Removing Floors

Another situation where I found the saw effective Festool saw cut up floorwas cutting up this hardwood floor for removal. While using the dust collection system, little if any dust was expelled. Keep in mind the default blade that comes along with the saw won’t work well for situations like this. A saw blade with a thinner kerf and fewer teeth works through the material much easier. I discovered Tenryu and Oshlun blades work well at half the price and more.

Festool & Miscellaneous Designs

Many moons ago at the flooring industry's annual convention in Las Vegas, Festool put together a contest for laminate floor installers. Whoever could put together the best design in a 24 hour period would win $ 1,500 worth or power tools. Some of the designs below.

Guitar inlay laminate floor
Brass inset with laminate floor
Rhombus inlay design with laminate floor
Brass inlay

See The TS55 Plunge Saw In Action

Video duration: 9:34 minutes