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Concrete Demo Hammers

Demo Hammers are used predominantly for ceramic Jack hammer for tile removal tile removal if new floors are planned for the area. These tools are not on the recommended tool list because they will not be used frequently. They are available at home centers and tool rental stores, and can be rented by the half day or 24 hour period.

USA Made hardwood floors

For ceramic tile removal these tools are quite labor intensive, loud, and throw off an extreme amount of dust. Preplan your tile tear out by masking off all areas in the home. The fine dust created by tile and thin set mortar removal can find its way everywhere in the home, including kitchen cabinetry. On a personal note, if you have a large amount of tile to be removed, it may be wiser to call in some day labor. One large firm that specializes in such is Able Body, whose presence is quite heavy in the south, southeast, and western United States.

If you're determined to tackle this project yourself, grab two different sized chisels that ordinarily come with the demo hammer. Three inch for removing the tile and a wider chisel blade for removing the thin set, which is unarguably the hardest and most time consuming part of the project. Unless you may have the unfortunate chance to find a tiled floor that was not installed very well.

Takes Down High Spots On Concrete

Demo hammers can also be useful in taking down severe high sports on a concrete subfloor opposed to using a concrete grinder. Done properly, a high spot can be removed more quickly and patched/feathered out with a fast drying leveling compound. In cases where you may be building a new home, recognizing poor subfloor conditions in earlier construction phases and carrying out corrective measures, will offer fewer headaches opposed to the hassle of getting it done when finer interior work is going on.

Other Notes: Temporary day labor companies do not provide power tools. This is up to the one hiring the work. Day labor can be advantageous in that they handle all insurance responsibilities and payment to the workers. Having worked in day labor I'd like to offer a suggestion; be nice, treat the workers with respect and chances are good you may get a good days work out of them.