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Concrete Floor Grinders

Concrete grinding tools are not high on the priority list unless you have a slab that may be out of tolerance for a Video on this pagesuccessful installation. Often with direct glue down to concrete one of the leading causes of problems is failure to address subfloors that need corrective measures. In other words, floors are not flat.

While dry grinding can be a messy task unless a vacuum attachment is used, there are other options should the Small floor grinder with vacuum slab be excessively out of whack. Depending on the condition, commercial grinders can be used that are much larger and can get the work accomplished much quicker than the small hand held one we have shown.

USA Made hardwood floors

Larger Projects

Larger grinders can also be used for removal of tile thin set or if you should have an excessive amount of adhesive on the subfloor from another installation. On another note, I've found these small grinding tools to be quite effective in removing paint overspray that has been known to create bonding problems with gluedown floors and adhesives used.

Angle grinders can also be used, but I've found this type to be more effective. The tool consists of a twelve point carbide tooth plate embedded with commercial cutting diamond particles; similar Tape off doorways for dustproperties as a wet saw is used to cut ceramic tile.


Protect Everything!

Even though you may have a vacuum attachment on the grinder dust will still find it’s way everywhere. My suggestion is taping doorways with blue painters tape and protect any HVAC air intake areas.


View A More Aggressive Makita Grinder In Action