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Urethane Glue Adhesive Removal

Phone calls told the story until this article was put on the website. They came from all points. Bostiks Adhesive Removerwith many being "...how do I get this glue off my new floor?" Often it was an upset homeowner who was left with the task of finishing the glue removal from a glue down installation. It often amazed me why they were calling us. After all, there are clear instructions of how to on every container of glue. My first response was always, "why didn't the installer take care of it?"

USA Made hardwood floors

Removing Urethane Adhesives

The answer to the above usually lies in the inability of some wanna be installers not following procedures. The most often used wood floor adhesive, urethane based can be a nightmare to clean up, especially if it has cured overnight. Leave it be for a few days or weeks and it will be the same. That's why it's extremely important to clean as you go and pay extra attention to the job when you're done for the day.

Cleaning as you go only requires odorless mineral spirits on nearly all of today's prefinished flooring. If in doubt call the manufacturer. There are always other toll free numbers to call. When cleaning, apply liberally to a few clean rags, but do not pour it on the floor The first one for the initial cleaning and another to insure it's gone from the surface. Using the same old rag can just spread it around. The second rag should not be dampened as much, because you want to soak up as much of the mineral spirits as possible.

Another product that works well in removing glue is the Bostiks adhesive remover. Available in two formats; a 32 ounce container of liquid or small ready soaked towels that are pulled from the top of a canister. When using this product it can leave a slick residue on the floor so be careful when walking.

Haze Residue Left On Floor

This will happen with mineral spirits, and there's no reason for alarm. Final cleaning of the film haze should be done when the entire job is completed. Any floor cleaner designed for wood floors should remove this.