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Brazilian Teak

    • Brazilian Teak
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      Hardness: 3540
      Stability: Below average
      Colors: Tan, brown
      Color Changes: Slight to a more uniform color

      Origin of Brazilian Teak- Brazil, Bolivia, Peru
      Botanical Name(s)- Dipteryx, odorata
      Trade Name(s)- Cumaru, Almendrillo
      Other Uses In Industry- Outdoor decking, furniture, marine, shipping, veneers and plywood.

      Similar Colors

      Caribbean Walnut, Tiete Chestnut

    • Brazilian Teak room scene

Image Source: Brazilian Direct 3/4 in x 3 1/4" Prefinished

From Our Readers:

Golden Teak Same As Brazilian Teak?

Question: We're looking at some Lumber liquidator flooring and they call it golden teak. It's supposed to be the same stuff, but I see a lot of really dark boards when I opened a carton. Am I getting the right stuff?

Reply: Hard to say without being there but if I'm not mistaken the LL Brazilian Teak is considered a select grade of hardwood. Meaning you will get more shade variation from one board to another. On the other hand, if they're almost black I'd ask to have them take it back.

Brazilian Teak Hardest Hardwood Floor?

Question: TIA in replying to my question. My neighbors who live on the Jersey shore bought some Cumaru a few months ago on the suggestion that it will hold up the best for a home that gets a lot of sand tracked in.
Just the other day I checked in and the floor is scratched to death and it has some gaps you can stick a credit card in. For a floor that's supposed to hold up the best I cannot believe what happened. Why?

Reply: Could be some simple maintenance wasn't followed. As far as the gapping, this could have occurred with a product that was installed with a high moisture content that subsequently shrunk when drier air was introduced after the installation.

Streaking in Brazilian Teak Floor

Question: Just has a new Teak floor installed and lacquered, but now it's showing streaks. What's the cause and how can it be fixed?

Reply: That's not much to go on, but it could have happened when the floor was drum sanded. This is common with Brazilian teak and some maple floors. Ask the finishers if they can hard plate the floor. This could take the streaking out once all the finish is removed. Then the streaking could have something to do with a contaminated finish or bad applicator.

Oil Based Finish Bad?

Question: I keep hearing many contractors not wanting anything to do with Brazilian Teak floors here in the Bay area. They say oil based is the only type of finish they use and Teak reacts badly with it. They're trying to push me into those prefinished beveled floors but I don't like them. Help!

Reply: Yes, Brazilian Teak can be a funky critter to work with because of the oily makeup of the species itself. It could be the contractors you're working with may not want to deal with finishing floors. Prefinished is easy money (no waiting for finishes to cure) and one reason why fast tract builders love it.

On the other hand, Brazilian teak can take longer to cure, but one method to speed up the drying time is by applying lacquer thinner and tacking at the same time before the sealer coat. This reduces the natural oils that leach from the surface and slows down the drying time.

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