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    • Amendoim
    • See also: Samples May Look Different Than Others
      Hardness: 1340
      Stability: Average
      Colors: Tan, orangey brown, and reds
      Color Changes: Medium tan with red highlights.
      Origin of Amendoim- South America. Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil
      Botanical Name(s)- Amendoim and Ybyario
      Trade Name(s)- Pterogyne nitens
      Other Uses In Industry- Cabinetry, furniture, interior trim, and marine construction

      Similar Colors

      Brazilian Teak

    • Amendoim room scene

Image: BR111 Hardwood Floors. 3/4 inch x 3 inch solid.

From Our Readers:

Tiny Knots In Floor

Question: We recently purchased some Amendoim hardwood and it doesn't look like the sample we saw. And what gets me is all the little knots in the wood. Are we getting duped with a different type of wood?

Reply: Those are the general characteristics of Amendoim, although it will depend on what type you are buying. For instance engineered Amendoim may look different than a solid product. See our article on hardwood samples look different.

Is Brazilian Oak The Same as Amendoim?

Question: I get so much conflicting advice from stores here in Chicago. Lumber Liquidators calls this stuff Brazilian Oak, but I walk down the street and another store has another product that looks similar and they call it Brazilian Maple. Who's right?

Reply: I've always found exotic hardwood names to be mixed from one species to another. It does get confusing. Brazilian Maple is much different than Amendoim in that it is more of a consistent yellowish color. Amendoim is often referred as Brazilian Oak in many circles.

Can't Get Swirl Marks Out Of New Amendoim Floor.

Question: We just had a new Amendoim floor installed. It's the kind they come in and varnish after sanding. My question is there are swirl marks all along one wall in the great room. The floor guy will be out this week, but I just wanted to know if they'll turn my house upside down with the sanding stuff.

Reply: Depending on the finishers skill he can probably just isolate one area where you will not be inconvenienced.

So Many Short Pieces It Makes Me Sick

Question: We bought a lot of Amendoim from a warehouse here in San Jose. First off we could not actually look at much of it but only a few pieces that were in this so called showroom. That little voice kept telling me something was wrong, but did I listen? Now we can't do anything with it and they won't accept returns. Can you help us sell this stuff?

Reply: Sorry, we're not in the position to sell off what sounds like seconds or cabin grade. It's such a shame you couldn't get to see more of the product. I've heard Craigs list is a great place to sell stuff. Anyway, best wishes.

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