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Glue Injection Repair - Hardwood Floors On Concrete

There are two types of glue down floor repairs. For minor popping or squeaking sounds it may be as easy as using anVideo on this page injection kit made for this purpose. We'll take a look at both repairs. Types of tools needed and procedures.

USA Made hardwood floors

Engineered Injection Kit Repair

The injection repair kits come in two forms. One is specifically used for repairing engineered glue down floors while another is used for solid hardwood and bamboo floors. The most widely used kit for engineered floors is Drill hole in floor for glue the DriTac repair kit. It is only to be used with engineered floors because of the makeup of the adhesive which is water based. When doing these types of repairs we're only looking for areas that are making those noises when walked on. You may have forgotten where they were because they do not make sounds all the time. By tapping on the areas affected with your knuckle, or bouncing a golf ball, you can better find the offending areas that will sound hollow.

Some Hollow Sounds Are OK

Sure, you may find other areas that sound hollow, but some will and some will not. The inherent makeup of how glue down floors work will leave small voids underneath in many areas. I've found when people get a hold of this kit they tend to over use it, drilling in every hollow spot they can find. This is not necessary.

Drill The Holes

Once you have found the areas, mark them with small pieces of blue painters tape so you know where they are later. The nail punch set should be used to create a starter hole. Without a small starter hole, you're likely to get drill bit wander causing damages you would rather not have. The nail punch should be used to make starter holes so you have more control with the drill bit.

Using The Syringe

Next step is drawing adhesive from the quart container with the use of the syringe. Always try to keep cleanup rags nearby during this procedure. It may also be wise to keep everything on cardboard so the adhesive doesn't goo all over the place. DriTac Using the syringemay be water based, but once it begins to cure it will require the companys' Wipe aways to remove the adhesive.

How much adhesive you'll need to fill each and every void will vary. Once the syringe is filled, slowly squeeze out the adhesive into the drilled hole. Keep your weight off the affected area to allow the adhesive to spread into the voids underneath. You may have to refill and inject again until the adhesive no longer wants to fill the area or overflows. Another way of detecting if the adhesive has flowed evenly in the low area is by tapping on the floor. If you hear any hollow spots it may require more adhesive.

Wooden Dowel

Finally, the repair kit comes with thin dowel sticks. Taper one end with a utility knife creating a cork top appearance that will enable easier placement into our drilled hole. Cut the other end square and about the thickness of the flooring and carefully tap into place with a hammer. Glue on the inside of the drilled hole will keep the piece intact. These small dowel heads are rarely seen from a standing position after the repair is completed.

If you're concerned about the look, a similar colored magic maker can be used to lightly stain them. For lighter colored hardwood floors filling with a matching putty after the dowel plug has been set about 1/8 inch is suggested.

DriTac Solid Wood Floor & Bamboo Injection Kit

I've personally worked with the solid kit but found it disappointing in that it does take a large amount of adhesive to work on major problem areas. Your results may vary but the cartridges are expensive and each one only covers a one or two square foot area. A more economical product would be a product named the EZ Pro Injector Repair System running at over $300.

Other Important Items To Consider

There are differences in the adhesive makeup with the two products mentioned above. It is imperative each is used for the appropriate application. For instance, using the engineered kit for solid bamboo or wood floors will cause distortion of the boards in the affected areas as the adhesive is water based in nature.

See The Engineered Video