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Remove Old Hardwood Floor Wax Build Up

Techniques in removing wax buildup on older wood floors will vary and depends largely on the amount actually used Video on this pageover the years. What also may be unknown is what types of cleaners have been used or if there may be an older finish under the wax.

USA Made hardwood floors

My Handy Stripper Worked for Furniture

Most chemical type strippers will not work well with hardwood floors. Techniques in how to is another unknown non professionals should avoid. Taking care of that priceless antique you brought back to life is Sanding old wax from floordifferent from flooring. Floors that are gapped may not be successfully removed of all wax residue. Over the years wax gets pushed into crevices by constant reapplying and buffing. Any new finish applied eventually will come into contact with the older waxes, bubbling or pealing can occur. In situations like this it may prove better to stay with the current condition.

Testing. Why Remove The Wax?

Testing for finishes is as simple as applying some water droplets to the floor. If they bead up, your finish is wax. These types of floors are often a maintenance headache, requiring more care than that of newer oil and water based finishes. Remember your mother or grandmother who may have slid around on older floors by buffing with old socks on? It may have been great exercise, but was often tiring and labor some.

Many people today are turning to newer finishes on old floors that do not require hard work to maintain. However, the biggest obstacle is removing the old waxes first as any new finish will not bond properly.Trowel fill cracks

Types Of Removal

For floors that haven't been coated heavily (some Bruce hardwoods fall into this category) odor free mineral spirits can be applied to a steel wool pad placed on the bottom of a floor buffer. If the floors are beveled, hand scraping will be required to remove buildup in crevices. Follow up cleaning is vital to make sure the residues have been removed. Many suggest a thorough floor cleaning with mineral sprits and clean rags at least twice.

Major Buildup - Prevent New Finish Failure

Larger heavily waxed floors will require very rough sanding with a drum sander for the best result. Professionals differ on what sanding grit should be used with some as low as 12. What also may be unknown is what was under the wax. Older shellac finishes may be under years of buildup as shown in my quickie video below.

For the best protection from contamination with waxes, all cracks and gaps should be trowel (photo above) filled during the sanding process. This creates closure where no contact with new finishes will occur.

Be Careful Of Miracle Hyped Products

If in doubt it doesn't hurt to call in a professional that has experience with older floor restoration. I do not recommend any easy solution type products unless thoroughly investigated. What may sound too good to be true may only prove to be a band aid, with further problems down the road.

View The One Minute Quickie Video

Video Transcript

How does one recognize how serious the wax buildup isVideo transcript and how to deal with it? Experienced pros that have worked with these types of floors will know immediately when they see it. It’s more about color on this job as the floors show an orange tint, a tell tale sign of shellac. It also had many heavy coats of old floor wax.

So. How to go about removing all this gunk? Serious deep sanding needs to be performed. as these pros start with an aggressive 20 grit sanding paper. Thinking about a do-it-yourself project? I can’t hold you back, but all the costs you’ll face will almost equal the cost of having this work professionally done. And chances are good you may not get the right advice from a rental place.

Our opinion? With all the cheap shortcuts out there today you’ll be far more satisfied with professional work over something that will inevitably come back to haunt you.