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Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring

How Wide Is Normal?

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Wide plank floors have been a big seller the past seven or eight years, but the question many face is...how wide do I want to go?

Surprisingly, even though we offer planks up to 8 ¼" wide, many opt for a more conservative five or six inch width. Reasons can be attributed to finding the 'middle of the road' or that's what many Uptown customers are saying.

Prefinished Hickory Wide Plank 5"
Custom color engineered wide plank
Character Hickory 7 inch wide  engineered plank
White washed engineered wide plank white oak plank
6 inch wdie engineered white oak
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But I Don't Want Engineered Dangit!

You'll find many don't think engineered hardwoods offer what solid hardwoods do. To them it's more about wanting 'the real thing.' Take a look through our page that discusses the problems one can encounter when using wide plank solid hardwoods versus a high quality 3/4 inch engineered hardwood.

Let's Do An Analysis

Most people do not think an engineered floor can be refinished as many times as a solid hardwood floor. Sure, those products with thin wear layers cannot. This can include practically any product seen in showrooms across the USA. Our thick 5.2mm wear layer product equals the longevity of traditional solid 3/4 inch hardwood floors.

For nailed installations it's all about the nails. Maybe you've seen it before. Let's say both products shown above have been sanded four times. What often happens with solid hardwoods is the nails used to install begin to show or the top of the groove becomes so weak they split and fall out. Obvious with the example shown.

There are special types of hardwood flooring nails, often called cleat nails. And there are staples specially made for this purpose as well. For all intent and purposes whatever you may be working with, cleat nails are preferred by most professionals.

Concrete Installations?

Solid hardwoods are not specified for concrete installations unless a plywood subfloor is installed first. Engineered are often glued direct to concrete slabs with specific adhesives. There are no differences in the longevity or how many times our 3/4 inch engineered hardwoods can be refinished mentioned with the comparison above.

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So Who Wins? The Reliable Choice

If you're the type that insists on 'the real thing' it is critical you know what problems you can encounter with wide plank solid hardwoods. The video below explains it best, particularly for those with basement or crawlspace home construction.