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color matching

Stair Treads Match Hardwood Floor Color

Color matched stair treadsOffered with all of our natural or stained hardwoods are matching stair treads. Unfortunately with all prefinished manufacturers obtaining such is a near impossibility. Our treads are custom matched and run at the same time as your flooring so there's no concern of not getting the same color and/or texture.


·Single return (1 ½ inch setback, bullnosed) ¹
·Double return (1 ½ inch setback, bullnosed) ¹


·1 inch thickness
·11 ½ inch depth
·36 to 96 inch lenths


Pricing will vary from hardwood species, texturing and color, but a general guide runs in the $ 30.00 per lineal foot range. Single returns (see below) add $ 7.00 and double returns (both sides) add $ 17.00 for each tread.

Double return stair tread
Double Retun Stair Tread

Texture Match

Texture match is also accomplished with our Imagination and Country Lifestyle. Once again, all treads are run with your flooring during the finishing process insuring the same color as your hardwood flooring.

After final UV coat
Final UV coat after color match
Matching Treads & Risers. Imagination Aspen Sunrise
Walnut starter tread

Other Samples - Custom

Gray color matched stair tread
Off white color matched stair tread
Gray Single Return (White Oak)
Off White Single (Hickory)

Baseboard and Other Millwork

In addition, color matched baseboard and other millwork is available. Need the same stain color for other woodwork in your home? Gallon containers can be ordered and shipped with your flooring as well, but we do need notice on your initial order.

¹ Set backs can be longer depending on what your specifications call for (shown above in the UV curing station)