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Custom Hardwood Floors

Custom floors are typically those that are installed, Custom medallion with heart pinesanded and finished on the jobsite. Looking for a stain color to match against your new cabinets you cannot find in any retail showroom? Chances are good any local retail flooring store will look at you with a blank face when asked about custom coloring. The preferred direction you want to take are guys that handle wood flooring only.

USA Made hardwood floors

Experienced Knowledge

Custom guys have years of experience under their belts. In effect they know which color can be used effectively with each hardwood specie. Some hardwoods require more knowledge when creating unique stains because of their inherent makeup. Some may be oily, while others may have distinct properties that take stains and finishes entirely different.

Custom ideas can expand exponentially. There are a multitude of possibilities including hand scraped or distressed. They can be distressed in a special way to mimic what you may have seen in a European chalet or castle for example; creating a truly different look.

More Selections And Ideas With The Right People

In addition, specialty dealers will have more selections. Something the other flooring store probably never heard or knew existed. Other applications can include borders, medallions, and even copper, brass and aluminum feature accents that are inlaid. They may also show you designs with tile or stone. Stenciled and painted designs are also an option.

You may find more than a few stores listed in the YellowEnd block flooring Pages that use the word custom or finely crafted wood floors, but I’ve found many use the terminology only to attract potential customers. They may stear you into their prefinished “custom” lines, but is that really custom? What’s so different about a mass produced floor that other stores sell?

In some cases these same stores may only have entry level knowledge in how to sell these unique floors. Often they simply call the real custom floor guy down the street to do the work after you’ve signed on the dotted line. You’re basically paying more money to have the job done because the first store will mark up the costs substantially.

Quarter Sawn Hardwood

If you should happen to reside in areas developed before and after the turn of the 20th century and into Quartersawn Red Oakthe thirties, chances are you'll find many quarter sawn wood floors. They are by far the most stunning looking of any in the way they are cut from the logs themselves. Why is quarter sawn hard to come by today? Costs are high to manufacture and waste is higher than lumber mills would prefer. Characteristics of quarter sawn include wavy grain patterns and a near three dimensional effect once finished.

Extremely Unique Quarter Sawn

Charles Peterson, well known high end flooring expert has recently developed a one of a kind unique quarter sawn floor. It isn’t for everyone, but the concept creates a finished floor that looks to be cut from one individual tree. Named the Signature collection, unfinished pricing starts at $18.00 per square foot (fall 2014). Charles is based in Gales Ferry, Connecticut.

Wide Plank Floors

Wide plank flooring is making an enormous comeback after years and years of standard skinny strip flooring popularity. For those that may have much older colonial style homes or converted farmhouses built in the 18th and 19th century, older more prized heart pine, eastern white pine, and other variations can be found.

Wider planks provide more of a country motif. Older more valued floors are not your standard 3/4 inch thickness either. In earlier days settlers just wanted functional flooring and thicker stock was the norm. Goodwin midnight heart pineLumber was rough sawn because electric power and modern milling technology did not exist.

Today many wide plank products can be obtained from reclaimed lumber, at much higher costs. Prices are high because of supply and demand. In addition, reclaimed lumber and specialty flooring mills utilize every aspect that has been saved from older buildings. They may saw large 10 x 16 inch beams into today's more standard 3/4 inch thickness. Transportation costs are high. Many of these specialty flooring manufacturers may be thousands of miles from the source, opposed to being practically in the forest.

Newer milled solid 3/4 inch wide plank products can be obtained in widths up to twenty inches in several species. When it comes to cost of any hardwood floor, the greater the width the higher the price will be. Variations are available from the more expensive and Eastern White pineharder to find clear grade to what seems more popular; rustic varieties. Manufacturers often place their own grade name because of the variances opposed to common graded hardwoods.

If you're considering wide plank flooring it is important to know the characteristics of such. Some wider plank products can be more problematic because of their properties. Manufacturers that utilize material such as straight grain (type of log cut) will not react to seasonal movement as will standard lower priced wide plank flooring.

Engineered Wide Plank Floors

In recent years, many of the more common hardwood floor mills have begun producing wide plank engineered flooring and selling them prefinished. While it’s not really custom, it has brought on a shift in what’s available today.

Over the last few years, imported Chinese engineered hardwoods have all but put many USA made engineered hardwoods to shame, offering much thicker veneers with longer and wider planks. Naturally they are priced higher, but there is a sizable demand for the mid range quality USA made.

Our own USA made engineered product lines take it a notch higher with a hefty 5.2 mm wear layer with board lengths topping those mentioned.

Short Boards, Long Boards

For those preferring a factory finished wide plank, prefinished engineered may be the way to go, but don't expect the real authentic look. Most mass produced USA made prefinished products generally have lengths that don't exceed 42 or 48 inches, but there are a handful that go near six feet and longer. Few go over five to seven inches in width. Conversely, mills that specialize can offer lengths up to 16 feet! Naturally with the longer lengths, costs will increase, much the same as getting into wider width planks.

Random Width Plank

Random width plank has taken on a custom look. In previous years the standard was more like three and five inch random. Meaning each plank would alternate when being installed. Today that’s changed with plank width options going as high as ten inches and more. These are more on the custom order side with high minimums and taking a month or two to receive.

Top Nailed Antique Look

Nearly all excessive wide plank solid flooring will have to be top nailed.

Custom Hand Scraped. From A Dallas Texas Contractor

Hand scraped points back to a time long ago when a select few wood flooring installers would scrape their client’s floors to create a unique hand-made or rustic look. Homeowners began to recognize the advantages which went beyond the appealing style and look. These floors were finished with a texture that hides the typical bumps, bruises, and scratches that other floor types can’t hide so easily.

Today, solid hand scraped products are still finished by hand, really. The actual technique involved in developing the texture differs from contractor to contractor but I'll share with you what I've personally done on my own projects.

New Floors

First, we'll start with the wood. We prefer to use #1 or #2 common unfinished solid red oak; installed in the Custom hand scraping hardwood floorsame manner that you would expect with a sanded finish floor. Second, the tool. The tool is as important as the technician. I use a heavy duty (preferably steel body) tool that loosely resembles a paint scraper (on steroids) with a 4-sided 2-inch wide steel blade and a 16" long steel handle. The craftsman will sharpen the blade with a fine mill file until the blade is very sharp, usually rounding the edges to prevent gouging the wood. The blade can take a flat shape or a more aggressive convex shape, depending on what the finish is to look like.

The target floor (in most cases Red Oak) is worked in 4 foot by 4 foot sections. Third, the hand scraping process. The area is dampened with water using a towel or sponge. Starting at the left side of the section, the technician will place the blade down on the floor, holding the handle in the right hand and putting significant downward pressure on the blade frame with the left hand. The tool is pulled and scraped along the surface (either across or with the grain) in a very straight line with as much or as little pressure as is needed to create the desired effect. The scrape runs are done parallel to one another, creating a distressed texture all the way across the target work area. The dampened surface will tell the technician which areas he might have missed.

Existing Floors In Your Home?

Maybe you already have solid wood flooring in your home and you'd like to refinish them with the hand scraped technique. If you have solid red or white oak with enough wear layer, there's a good chance your floor may be a good candidate. Talk to a local wood flooring professional and ask for their opinion.Dark stained hand scraped floor

If you're looking for a long lasting, durable, and attractive floor for your home that's easy to take care of, consider solid hand scraped. The look is lightly rustic or moderately rustic and can usually be stained to compliment pre-existing elements in your home. New floor installation prices start around $10.00 per square foot and may vary depending on what part of the country you live in and what options you select. Species, plank size and polyurethane type are all important factors to consider when looking at a solid, site finished floor and will contribute to the overall price of your flooring project.

Custom Medallions

Perhaps you saw an exciting hardwood medallion in a private clubhouse, or thought a custom WW II fighter plane medallion like the one shown below will fit in perfectly with your new floor ideas. Fighter plane medallionSurprisingly these designs will not be out of your price range unless you think $ 1,200 is too much to spend. When I sold medallions on the site I handled many designs. Unfortunately trying to get pictures of the final result was the largest obstacle.

Types Of Custom Medallions

I had calls from sports fans and professional athletes. One was a gentleman in South Carolina seeking a Pittsburgh Steeler medallion. Another looking for a tennis theme that included borders with tennis rackets and balls. Down in Mississippi, a Baptist church sought out a medallion highlighting a flame and sword effect.

What Does It Take To Get A Custom Medallion?

I worked directly with some manufacturers on this. Depending on the Bonita floors medalliondesign you could fall into this as well. Why pay the middleman an extra $ 1,000? Naturally my situation was different but if you find the right people it can be done. Once you find that contact they will ask for a design idea, some illustrations, and images to go by and then send it off to their designers.


One can specify any thickness; 3/8 inches and greater. In the case of the showroom medallion above, I matched it up with a 3/4" white oak unfinished engineered floor that was to be finished on site. Size fit perfect with the entry way measuring in an oval shape 40 inches by 27 inches.

Custom Parquet

When one thinks about parquet flooring, reminisces of the seventies are brought to mind. It was more of a style that didn’t last here in the states during that period, but in the late 19th and early 20th century parquet flooring Oshkosh parquetwas very popular in high end homes.

What’s Going On With Parquet Today?

For all intent and purposes, common parquet has died. The larger US based manufacturers no longer produce any with the exceptions being Armstrong and Harris Wood. The latter offers most of their products in the unfinished variety. Prices can be found in the three dollar range for their lower end products and well into the teens for more detailed designs.

Some of the more popular applications for the Harris Bond Wood includes dance floors and specialty design elements shown above with their Monticello pattern adorned with a contrasting dark bolder. Other species include Ash, White Oak, Teak, and American Cherry.

Is Home Depot Still Selling Parquet?

My latest trip shows not only Home Depot but Lowes carrying similar imported Hevea parquet patterns. Heavea? Hevea is an Asian sourced wood with similar graining to that of Maple. Another name mixed in can sometimes be Rubberwood. These are at the very low end in terms of durability and cost.

High Dollar Parquet

A number of European manufacturers have set up shop in the USA offering very high quality forms of parquet. Opposed to many of the lower end products mentioned, most of these are meatier in overall thickness and can be obtained in virtually any species imaginable. Unlike the USA, more high end European homes are filled with parquetry designs. A few manufacturer names include Czar Floors and Inex Hardwood. Shown below is a custom Inex parquet job.

Inex hardwood parquet

How Is Parquet Flooring Installed?

Nearly all parquet is installed by gluing direct to the sub floor. Nearly all? If you throw in herringbone, sometimes considered a parquet pattern, the glue method is sometimes eliminated, but I am referring to solid ¾ inch herringbone.

Where Can I Find The Good Stuff?

With the exception of the big box stores who offer the low end common parquet, other high quality products are harder to find. Your average flooring store sales person will probably have a blank look on their face if you request the Artistic block pattern (shown above) for example.

Some of the European manufacturers have exquisite websites detailing their profound work. Along with the beauty of the internet and their direct sales, one no longer has to go through the maze of networks prominent in the US that send prices out of sight. Yes, you can buy direct. The design above would normally retail well above $40 per square foot. Buying direct can save 50%.

Where To Find These Custom Guys?

A simple way is to use good ole Google and search for "NWFA Floor Of The Year." Every year the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) gives members an opportunity to show the work they've completed over the past year. Warning: Many of these unique design ideas may make you drool. Categories include restoration, factory prefinished, unfinished flooring in both residential and commercial locations. Brief End gain log wood floordescriptions of the work performed, products used, along with company name that performed the work can be seen.

Here's A True Custom Guy!

Dave Marzalek who designed and installed this custom end grain log entry is a multiple NWFA winner dating back to the mid nineties. He also holds custom schools now and then. Currently residing in Westminster, Colorado more can be found on his website.

Image Source: heartpine.org (top)

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