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American hardwood flooring
Smooth finished Hickory & Maple hardwood
Hand Scraped Hickory Hardwoods

Light wire brushed white oaks
Smooth or wire brushed prefinished Red Oak
Black walnut clear stained
Cerused white oak floors
Ash hardwood floors
Wire brushed Hickory hardwoods
Black Wire brushed hardwood floors
unfinished engineered plank

Black Hardwood Floors

City Folks

City folk hardwoods. I chuckle with people when they call about our black hardwood floors; assuming they must live in the Big Apple, Chicago, Phily, Boston; you get the idea. Mentioned in the video they aren’t jet black, but stained just enough to offer a grain appearance. If you want jet black, I would suggest calling a local floor finisher.

Prefinished Black Floors - Planks Up To 8 ¼" Wide

In August of 2017 Uptown Floors introduced three black, dark brown toned hardwoods. Our engineered wide planks can be nailed over wood sub floors or glued directly to concrete. No floating type installation.

Good Demand - Can Be A Dust Magnet

With today’s trends in some regions favoring darker stained flooring, black will always be a select crowd favorite. However, one should think about the maintenance if you’re the choosey type or spend too much time obsessing over the condition of your floors.

site finished black coffee hardwood floor

Custom Stained On Site

Can't find what you're looking for? Options include having the hardwood installed on site, sanded, stained and finished. The job shown above wasn't a black stain per se but a mixture of Rubio Monocoat colors. Rubio offers a great sample kit for those that want to experiment or get that perfect color. The Blacks were created by getting ideas and mixtures from their kits.

The customer had initially wanted a deep ebony black color but after a little bit of on on-site education from the contractor they were persuaded to go a little lighter for everyday upkeep improvement. Additionally, the graining of the hardwood was still visible.

The job also involved our custom two inch thick floating stair treads with the same custom stain. The colors may look different from the first image. The stair photo was taken under darker lighting conditions.

Introducing The Blacks

Our Black Lineup

Hickory Charcoal White Oak Relics Maple Java

The Blacks consist of clear graded hardwoods, offering a clean contemporary look. However, they can be obtained in our character form. Charcoal and Relics are considered wire brushed while Java is a smooth finished hardwood. Don’t like the wire brushed look? No problem. We can simply have them finished smooth with a lower cost to boot.


Dark hickory herringbone Dark white oak herringbone Dark maple herringbone

Walnut? Not Black, But Dark

Walnut is a hardwood that has always been treasured. It won’t present heavy blacks if that’s what you’re seeking. Colors will be more on the chocolate side but does depend on the grade being chosen. It’s also a soft hardwood and can also take on color changes quickly in a natural finish. It should only be chosen with full knowledge of the pros and cons.

Quiet Terraces Walnut
Shady Gardens Walnut
Quiet Terraces Walnut