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General Information

    • Hardwood Floor Prices
    • Types Of Hardwood Floors
    • .. Oops, page missing.
    • All the little details about how much floors actually cost before it’s all said and done.
    • 3/4 inch engineered
    • Hand Scraped & Distressed
    • Thick engineered floors are fast becoming the modern and dependable choice over solid hardwoods especially with wide plank floors.
    • So much out there today. Big knots, wire brushed, reclaimed. What’s a person to choose? Am I going to like it in 10 years?
    • Moisture Barriers
    • General Labor Costs
    • Unbiased reviews on oodles of hardwood floor manufacturers. High quality and others.
    • From ripping out the carpet, installation, finishing. You name it. It’s here.
USA Made hardwood floors
    • Hardwood species & colors
    • Underlayments
    • Nearly 40 different natural hardwoods shown from almost black to blonde. Properties and color changes discussed. Full sized room scene for all.
    • What goes under the hardwood before the installation. Floating floors to solid hardwoods. Condominiums to residential homes.
    • Grading
    • Hardwood Floor Adhesives
    • Almost every conceivable tool hardwood floor professionals use from preparation to installation and finishing.
    • General knowledge of different hardwood floor adhesives and products. This page is focused primarily on glue down floors.

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