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3/4 Inch Thick Unfinished Engineered Hardwood Flooring

3/4 Inch Thick Engineered Hardwood Floors
Product Specifications

· USA American Made in Ohio
· 3 ¼ - 8 ¼" width
· ¾ Inch Thickness, 11 ply
· 6 mm wear layer
· 12-96 inch random lengths
· 24 -120 inch lengths may be available.
· Unfinished (Square edge, end matched)

Engineered Red Oak

Depending on the selection, Red Oak color tones will be on the reddish, tan and salmon side. Choose from a character free clear grade, rift and quartered or a mild character.

Engineered White Oak

Color tones of straw like, light and darker browns. Rift and quartered, and clear. Character will present smaller closed knots and a mild amount of color variation.

Engineered Maple

Character free with blonde and light brown color tones in a clear grade. Expect a casual increase in color variation with character along with mild mineral streaking and common Maple character.


Engineered Hickory

Clear will offer a clean appearance in varied shades of cream and brown color tones. Character ups the ante with darker color variation along with small to larger closed knots.

Engineered American Walnut

Clear will offer a character free appearance with some lighter sapwood. Expect far more sapwood with smaller and larger closed knots with the character.

Engineered American Cherry

Clear Cherry will be free of major color variation, blemishes and knots. Colors will be on the creamy, red and pinkish side. Character is a mild with more pronounced darker color variances. Both will have sapwood.


Engineered Ash

Considered a clear grade, Clear Ash will present varied shades of blondes and browns without character.


Stair Treads

Stair Treads, Reducers & Nosing - offered with all products.

·Single return (1 ½ inch setback, bullnosed)
·Double return
·36 - 96 inch lengths
·Nosing 3 ½ & 5 ½ widths