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Hardwood Floors in Florida - Engineered Vs Solid

Having been in this business since the early nineties, I’ve seen practically every scenario when it comes to hardwood floors in Florida.

The Old Schoolers Don’t Like Engineered Floors

I put myself into this category until thicker engineered floors became 3 strip hardwood floors available. Prior to the 2004 period or thereabouts, the same boring rotary peeled types floors were all over. Rotary peel has an appearance that almost mimics a finished plywood plank floor. Well, not exactly, but the graining is very consistent, unlike a traditional solid ¾ inch hardwood.

Sure there were manufacturers offering a more realistic look. Names included Kahrs and Harris-Tarkett. They were also two of the original manufacturers of floating type floors, but they too had appearances that over time turned many off. Namely fillet or three strip products (shown) that looked similar to laminate floors.

But. I Want A Solid Hardwood! It's The Real Thing

I don’t blame you, but allow me a few minutes of your time to discover ¾ inch engineered hardwoods. Our ¾ inch engineered surpasses everyone in the industry with a meaty 5.2 mm wear layer; also called the veneer.

Solid Hardwoods Can Work In Florida, but…

Back in the early 90’s when I started in the business, I was involved with many jobson the Southwest Florida coast islands that included Sanibel, Captiva and Marco Island. The typical residential home was elevated or on pier and beam with a plywood sub floor. It was also a time when traditional strip flooring (2 ¼” wide) was still popular. As years passed wider planks were being used more often.

Uptown hardwoods engineered

Solid Wider Planks. Problems Start.

The problems with wider solid plank hardwoods in Florida have to do with what’s under the actual installed floor. Moisture is the enemy. With our humid climate moisture finds it’s way into the new floor as there’s no climate control below with stilt type homes and the area below.

I’ve heard comments from experienced builders and the like. Or those that have not installed a wider plank hardwood in this scenario. “There’s good air flow, so it should not be a problem.” That may be the case sometimes, but how about the evenings when the dew point rises. Plain and simple it’s moisture that rises. The rainy season, same situation.

Details About The Problems

I’ve also been approached about sealing up the underside. Folks, moisture will creep it’s way into anything. Many of us know this by living here for decades. Then some seem assured the moisture barrier put down before the floor is installed will keep moisture out.

High Quality Engineered Floors

That’s where Uptown Floors comes in. I spent a lot of time in developing a product line that satisfies all the concerns and questions many have when it comes to engineered floors in Florida.

See the cost and benefit analysis with engineered on concrete along with the false assumption felt paper under wood floors works as a moisture barrier.

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