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Buying Hardwood Floors Online - Pros & Cons

Competition Is Fierce On The Internet

There are fantastic deals online with major manufacturer products, but there are some drawbacks one may encounter when buying such a large bulky load of flooring. It's not like buying a CD and letting the post office deliver it.

USA Made hardwood floors


My experience has shown buying online has more advantages when you're seeking price. Other items that need to be addressed are warranties. I've put together some timely tips worth reading on what is not covered under wood floor manufacturer warranties. Warranties can be a gray area on many products sold. One mishap and the warranty can be voided. This can happen with a local dealer and an internet seller.

No Sales Taxes!

Buying online eliminates the sales tax you would normally be required to pay unless the seller has operations within the state that you live. For example. Uptown Floors is based in Florida. Any Florida residents purchasing from us will have to pay Florida sales tax. Others are tax free.


Disadvantages of buying online include inconveniences waiting for your delivery to arrive. Trucking companies do not have set schedules and they ordinarily allow a four hour window on when they will show. However, not everything goes like clockwork in the business world and especially trucking. Online companies give several options with two of the most common being residential delivery and freight terminal pickup.

For those that have a schedule to maintain, it is sometimes much easier to do the freight terminal pickup, providing the terminal is within reasonable distance. This insures you will not be inconvenienced, but calling ahead to the terminal can eliminate delays.

What Are The Differences? Delivery or Pickup Options

Residential involves the trucking company delivering Pallet of wood flooringto the end of your driveway. Yes, end of the driveway and not any further. Liability factors prevent them from going on driveways due to the excessive weight of the trucks. They will also not unload the order unless separate provisions are paid for. Shown above is an example of what to expect that includes underlayment shrink wrapped on a pallet. Trim moldings are rarely attached and are separate of the main pallet. Always ask the driver about the moldings if you’re ordered them. Moldings are the most often lost items when it comes to shipping.

Two of these additional provisions include lift gate service or hand delivery into the home or business. The latter is not available with most companies and will get pricey. It doesn't stop there. Understanding lift gate service can be tricky. Lift gate (shown) is a device that lowers the pallet of goods from the truck to street level on a pallet jack. For those unfamiliar,Lift gate service pallet jacks are often used in grocery or department stores. They also cannot be pushed up hills or across surfaces other than concrete or asphalt.

As you can hopefully read between the lines, residential delivery may be out of the question for some unless you're prepared. For those with very long driveways it's often best to find someone with a pickup truck where the individual cartons or bundles of flooring can be off loaded from the freight company to pickup and go from there.

Freight terminal pickup entails the trucking company bringing the goods on a pallet from inside their warehouse to your vehicle on a forklift. For larger orders, pallets can be loaded on to vehicles capable of handling such. Smaller orders or individual cartons can often be loaded into the vehicle by hand from the loading dock.

Freight Damage

Freight damages do happen! My personal experience has shown most of it comes from improper Freight damagepackaging at the origin point. Most, if not all online vendors do not buy direct from the manufacturer (although they lead you to believe this). Instead they buy from regional distributors. Theses are same ones that sell the same product to your local flooring store.

Some larger distributors don't take the time of day to package a shipment properly. This issue drove me bananas when I sold major brands on site when it was named hardwoodinstaller.com. Some products come from manufacturers on smaller pallets that may be safe for transfer to a local flooring dealer, but sending it across country with common freight companies is a problem waiting to happen.

Today With Uptown Floors

Past experience with large distributors taught me a lesson. The lesson was having control over how an order is packaged at the shipping point. Of particular importance is the size of the pallet. Considering all the products Uptown Floors sell are long length material, only eight foot long pallets are used. This reduces any potential freight damage substantially.

But...you can make the difference.

If you're squeamish on buying over the web, worrying about problems that may happen, I discovered most of them came from customers that do not do their part. In order to have a problem free experience from start to finish any consumer should be aware of what will occur. Ordinarily a five minute read on many sites that sell products covers all bases. These pages are usually called shipping or policies/terms, and should be found at the top or bottom of every page. If you find a great price on another site that doesn't spell out what to expect I would highly suggest avoiding them.

Conclusion: I know many will consider the overall cost in making the decision. When buying locally you will have support you can see in person should a problem happen. Problems happen on both ends. I've found internet dealers today take of problems quickly. You are also well protected with credit card companies when buying online. I would not however, use this as a weapon to settle problems. If you have a problem, talk with the company calmly regardless of your situation or time schedule. Chances are greater problems will be resolved quickly with reasonable and professional exchanges.

Finally, I would insist reading again; "Ordinarily a five minute read on many sites that sell products covers all bases. These pages are usually called shipping..."

Ken Fisher
Uptown Floors