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Bamboo Flooring Moisture Content

Years aho I came across a discussion on a flooring message board that proved to be particularly interesting. It dealt with a consumer that had been told by an installer to acclimate the product by as much as two months which I considered to be a bit on the severe side. However, the customer resided in a dry western state. The only confusing part of testing bamboo is how to perform it. It was at that time I put in a call into a representative of Tramex, the world leader in moisture testing.

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How To Test?

Considering bamboo is not wood but a grass, the response was to compare samples that I worked with in the past, as they have no calibration for bamboo itself. I thought "what a great response" and have pursued it since. Bamboo will react to moisture swings just as wood flooring will. In the earlier days I recall a distributor claimed they had a great product at a great price and wanted to move 40,000 square feet. I thought, why not check it out.

It spooked me to say the least and I avoided it after picking up a sample box and did some testing. Pictured below from left to right: Sample board, actual product, and a product I had great success with. I was told initially when concerns were expressed about the high moisture content to let it acclimate for two weeks. The reading of 13.5 is two months of acclimation and it's obvious it will not improve. The reading on the far right is a proven product that has been sitting in the same environment.

Sample board
Bargain bamboo
Established brand
From sample board
Bargain priced bamboo
Established Brand

What's Happening Today? 2015

This story was originally written in 2004. Since there have been improvements as the more recognized brands have taken notice of the issues. Choosing the better brands will give you more peace of mind and not the fire sale or too good to be prices. With regards to dry climates, acclimation periods should be extended as long as possible.

Some of the better manufacturers:

•Duro Design
•Eco Timber