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Shaw Hardwood Floors

The product reviewed is no longer sold by Uptown Floors. We only offer our own USA made hardwoods.

My past reviews on Shaw hardwood were more on “hardwood Shaw hardwoodinstallers don’t like carpet company hardwoods.” It’s kind of a long story, but mainstay hardwood guys can take years to accept newness; particularly with the Shaw Epic line. Today there’s still resistance with many of their genuine engineered lines and the Epic is still a product they don’t want to deal with. Granted, Epic is an environmentally great product concept which Shaw puts quite a bit of focus on.

Higher Quality Engineered - Ideal For Wide Plank

What catches my eye with their current product offering are selections of beveled hardwoods without the heavy distressing so common today. Some are almost a throwback to the 70’s where the deep V groove was popular. Shaw is about the only major producer that offers such, but only in solid hardwoods. Perhaps they’re seeing a trend most of us don’t see.

As far as quality and working with their solids, it’s not going to win any favoritism with the old hardwood guys as the milling isn’t up to snuff when comparing higher quality hardwoods in the likes of many Canadian manufacturers in Mirage and Lauzon. There’s always a trade off, but Shaw does produce a product that more can afford. Is it going to look different when it’s installed? Some may notice it while others will not, with the exception of their large builder only hardwood line.

Quality Built Engineered

The company has made one innovation in recent years with a solid hardwood composite. By way of explanation, their 8 inch wide plank in Grand Canyon and Rio Grande isn’t one full solid piece of wood. Rather, it’s one to two inch wide strips fused/glued together. The concept allows for wider solid ¾ inch hardwoods to be installed where before they were almost considered a problem waiting to happen. Unknown is the popularity.

The company also offers the increasingly popular wire brushed or textured look in wide planks over seven inches, but the selections are limited, as are the selling points, particularly the lack of thicker wear layers. Thicker wear layers are becoming a huge selling point with imported Chinese floors, yet Shaw sticks to what seems to be traditional USA manufacturing with marginal wear layers. Don’t let that sway your decision unless your local retail store has it priced right up there with the likes of Hallmark hardwoods. It’s about what you like and what you feel best with.

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