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Pinnacle Wood Floors

The product reviewed is no longer sold by Uptown Floors. We only offer our own USA made hardwoods.

My view of Pinnacle is positive. As of the latest Pinnacle hardwood floorsupdate (October 2015) all products offered are manufactured in Asia. One very bright spot that sets the company aside of others besides great pricing lies in their engineered flooring lines. Instead of the all too common short lengths, the company takes them above most of the competition.

In previous years overall lengths were longer which always thrills any installer. However now they do not exceed 72 inches (still much longer than average) on most product lines. Most of Pinnacle's engineered products run to 72 inches. Longer lengths are always preferred, as once the job is completed they offer more of a traditional look, without short pieces scattered throughout the installation.

Higher Quality Engineered - Ideal For Wide Plank

Appearances are fairly consistent across their product offerings. Many are mild distressed hardwoods with subtle contouring, varying forms of beveled edges and random distressing. For Pinnacle followers, an ownership change brought pricing down substantially in recent years.

Quality Built Engineered

Other unique characteristics with some lines include pre-packaged random width hardwoods. No more confusion in what to order as all planks are wrapped into each carton of flooring. Aside of distressed hardwoods, several smooth faced solid products are also sold presenting character and contemporary appearances.

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