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Mullican Hardwood Floors

Mullican is an American manufacturer principally Mullican hardwood floorsengaged in solid unfinished and prefinished flooring. The company is a relative newcomer to the manufacturing end who started operations in 1985. Solid hardwoods are grown and harvested from the Appalachian region of the United States and processed in five plants located in Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and New York.

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Mullican solid products are manufactured a tad differently from most solid hardwoods in that they offer a square edge milling format on the end joints. Good or bad, I'll let you make the choice. However, I do know solid hardwoods are extremely hard to mill a vertical planed square edge. In other words, some board edges may be higher than others. This is the chief reason why most manufacturers produce a four sided micro beveled product.

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I expect more from Mullican in the future, particularly with their engineered products as they have recently pulled production from overseas to manufacturer their own lines in Tennessee. Overall the company is viewed as a buyers choice from many installers. What’s that mean? They’re basically a middle of the road quality producer. Not in the Cadillac echelon nor are they compared as the bottom of the barrel brand.

Solid unfinished species include Red and White Oaks, Hickory, Cherry, Ash, Walnut with Red and Yellow Birch in most grades up to eight inch widths (Oaks). Also offered are unfinished in three and five inch widths with a 9/16 inch thickness. The company is a good choice for those seeking random width hardwoods. Samples can be obtained through the website shopping cart.

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