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Mirage Hardwood Floors

The product reviewed is no longer sold by Uptown Floors. We only offer our own USA made hardwoods.

My view on Mirage has always been favorable. One may wonder, Mirage hardwood floorswhy not a five star rating? Mirage produces some of the best milled hardwoods in the world, but what sets it back is the use of shorter material in their engineered and solid lines. Granted, there have been improvements going back to their pre 2003 product line but buyers today are seeking longer length material. Longer board lengths provides more of an authentic look. Aside of these shortcomings, the overall appearances of their floors after installation surpasses most of the competition.

Higher Quality Engineered - Ideal For Wide Plank

I have noted some ambiguous information within their engineered specifications some should be aware of. Their belief the product can be sanded three to five times may not be realistic. Mentioned numerous times on the site regarding the sanding of engineered floors, one must have near perfect conditions and extremely knowledgeable finishers to accomplish even three sandings.

Mirage has remained a good selection for other reasons. Over the years they have continued to add product lines that better reflect what other people want. One includes a smooth surface wider plank hardwood called Admiration. Absent is the heavy character distressed that can include large open knots and splits. Though it still has some character, the beauty lies in that it is different and not what everybody else seemingly has.

Quality Built Engineered

Another one is their Flair Collection that offers a wide spectrum of off white and gray color choices with heavy and light character. The appearance seems more muted due to the colors used. Let’s just say the character doesn’t pop out at you. This line is considered a soft textured surface. The only drawback to the two mentioned, are once again, short lengths.

Some Admiration (and Flair) products don’t go over five feet in length on a wider engineered, and there are some minimum order requirements of 1,000 square feet. Average lengths are positive but you’ll never see any real long boards that look more appealing in wide open rooms.

Finding a herringbone hardwood has always been elusive with prefinished manufacturers, but Mirage can satisfy your cravings with a huge choice of colors in several different species.

If there was a most valuable product award when it comes to a lock and fold type floor, Mirage would win hands down due to the ease of installation. You may want to forget those other guys you see at the big box stores, but don't expect prices to be as low.

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