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Mannington Hardwood Floors

My view of Mannington is positive in that they have Mannington Wood floorsmade product improvements and brought on a good number of distressed or hand scraped type floors. All products manufactured by Mannington are engineered. They do not offer the thick veneer type floors some are seeking today, nor have they tried to break away from the engineered flooring short length factor with the exception of their newer Maison Collection.

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Shuffled to the background have been the all too common rotary peeled oaks in lieu of more stylish colors and design ideas that include distressed or hand scraped type floors in widths up to seven inches wide and a number of variable width floors in the three to five inch format. Colors are more on the standard side.

Amish Made

While all products can be stapled, glued or floated depending on the sub floor type, an easier click lock style floating floor is only available in a few select product lines. Otherwise, most products are floated by the traditional glue together installation method.

If you’ve looked through a few other manufacturer reviews on the site, maybe you’re asking yourself; what about the finish? In my professional opinion, most companies place too much emphasis on their own recipe or compelling descriptions. Some may be slightly more resistant to light scratching, but deeper? Nope, nada.

Founded in 1915 the company has been privately held and operated by the same family. Other floor covering lines include vinyl flooring and laminate.

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