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Lauzon Hardwood Floors

The product reviewed is no longer sold by Uptown Floors. We only offer our own USA made hardwoods.

Lauzon is another manufacturer of high quality caliber that Lauzon hardwood floorscomes out of Canada. Back in my full time installation days or pre 2004 when I first handled a Lauzon job it was their square edge engineered product. Upon opening a few boxes I thought…”this is not going to be a good day.” Reason being, all the pieces were short! After an hour or so my feelings changed. I was completely impressed. Having also worked with sanded and finished floors at the time, the Lauzon product was just as perfect.

It was at that time I became a fan. One would think with such short lengths it would be noticeable. But the absence of any bevels made it blend nicely, even with a Hickory color variation. The milling quality was the best I had seen for a prefinished engineered floor. It continues into today. No one can touch them with the exception of one insanely priced Italian brand.

Higher Quality Engineered - Ideal For Wide Plank

Since that time Lauzon has brought on other products, but not another square edge. If you’ve been reading through other manufacturer reviews on the site, you’ll probably notice I mention board length factor quite a bit. Why? Some could think installers love the longer boards because the installation time is faster. True, but it’s more about a traditional look and a better overall appearance when the job is done, particularly with beveled or micro beveled floors. Short boards with bevels look unsightly. Much longer ones fit in better.

Quality Built Engineered

While I rate Lauzon near five stars, they do have short comings once again with the lengths on their solid hardwood products. None go over six feet. In the US nearly all manufacturers go with what was the NOFMA (North American Oak Manufacturers Assoc) standard at seven feet. What makes up for it is the continued quality milling. Yes, I’ve worked with it since 2004 jumping on jobs here and there when somebody would invite me. I've also kept in touch with many installers when the site was originally named hardwoodinstaller.com. Nothing has changed.

Lauzon is definitely worth pursuing but high retail pricing through distribution and some retail stores sends it out of range for most people. If the short factor concerns you, it shouldn’t if you have smaller rooms to fill. On the other hand, larger open areas can be very noticeable.

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