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The product reviewed is no longer sold by Uptown Floors. We only offer our own USA made hardwoods.

Indusparquet has been much of a company that'sIndusparquet hardwood flooring been sitting behind the scenes in the USA over the years. They have been the principal supplier of BR111 exotic hardwoods since the mid 90's. Now that BR111 has virtually disappeared as they changed their marketing approach from smaller dealers to selling direct on the web with devastating results, Indusparquet brings to market all the former great products BR111 handled.

Higher Quality Engineered - Ideal For Wide Plank

Of appealing interest with the company is they have become leaders in so far as longer length material, particularly their 1/2 inch engineered wide plank. While many engineered imports and domestic engineered products don't exceed board lengths of 48 inches, Indusparquet goes up to 86 inches.

Their product lines are numerous including some popular appealing exotics other companies simply do not handle. Examples include Brazilian Hickory, Pecan and Teka that lend themselves more to the popular rustic look many are after today.

Like other companies they do have some cheaper entry level engineered hardwoods that can work well with extremely careful households. Otherwise they're almost considered throwaways in our opinion as their top surface wear or veneer layers are paper thin and cannot be refinished if need be. Quality wise, the company exceeds others across their product categories. The company also has an extensive line of distressed hand scraped products, or what they prefer to call textured.

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Brazilian Cherry
Brazilian Cherry
Brazilian Pecan
Brazilian Pecan

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Company Information

12800 NW South River Drive
Medley, FL 33178
Phone: (305) 249-1960