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Home Depot Hardwood Floors

I've never fully understood why people buy wood flooring at Home Depot. Home Depot hardwood floorsAdvertising? Seemingly on every street corner? Reasons being there is not the better variety you will find at a full service hardwood flooring only dealer. Sure, it’s great for that first time home buyer that just wants a typical red oak floor like everyone else has...but.

Improved Product Selections But Few Popular Ones

Granted their product selections have improved over the years, but it takes the company far too long to catch on with trends. Take for example today’s popularity in grey toned floors, distressed or character wide plank flooring. They do not exist, yet they’ve been popular for a few years now, especially the wider plank products.

Higher Quality Engineered - Ideal For Wide Plank

For those unfamiliar, Home Depot does offer unfinished hardwood but you will not find it prominently displayed in their stores. Some stores may stock a small quantity of standard red oak strip flooring that can be taken home that day. I’ve seen common red oak stair treads (unfinished) and risers sold in Depot as well, along with Pine, but you’ll have to wander off to the lumber department for those.

Major Brands Sold ¹

• Bruce
• Home Legend
• Mohawk
• Millstead
• Shaw

About Those Sales People in Home Depot

It’s really hit or miss finding someone knowledgeable with hardwood flooring. Most floor sales people have more experience with carpet, vinyl, and tile flooring. While I am skeptical overall on their ability to provide sound information how each floor can be installed the correct way, you may want to visit my page on what to look out for in an installer. Some of the subject matter covered is applicable to salespeople also.

Installation Personnel & Labor Rates

My view has not been positive in some locations when it comes down to who will actually be doing your work. You are more likely to have a better experience going through the National Wood Flooring Association for installers. Labor rates at Home Depot stores are generally higher than other independent stores or installers. Another drawback of using store labor has been scheduling and communication problems from the sales department to ordering correct accessories. Simply put, there are far too many people involved.

Quality Built Engineered

Tools & Accessories

One great benefit to doing your shopping at Home Depot is naturally the tool and accessory choices for any project. Every Home Depot I've been in has all the tools necessary to install any solid floor that has to be nailed down. The store is ideal for Home Depot tool rentalmiscellaneous floor preparation and hand tools. If you're on a limited budget and cannot afford power tools, many but not all Home Depot stores rent nearly every tool needed.

Unlike most smaller retail stores, Home Depot carries a small inventory (mostly value priced) that can be taken home the same day. In addition, they generally have trim moldings in stock, usually in standard colors. Unfortunately some stores stock moldings that only run four feet in length, with the exception of quarter round.

Ratings starstarstarstarstar
Product Lines- Engineered & Solid

¹ Stores and their selections can be different from one region to another. What’s shown above may not be available except for Bruce, Millstead and Home Legend.