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Columbia Floors

The product reviewed is no longer sold by Uptown Floors. We only offer our own USA made hardwoods.

I’ve always favored Columbia and place them on a tier above Columbia hardwood floorsmany you’ll find in full service flooring stores that sell American made. Only problem is actually finding and differentiating what’s USA made and what’s not. Many salespeople don’t even know.

Product quality and the installation factor is considered good. By way of explanation, the installation factor falls into how installers feel about working with the product. Does it need a lot of extra work to make it look good once it’s done? Having a heavy installation background, I know which ones are not going to make my day and ones that will bring me home in a good mood.

Higher Quality Engineered - Ideal For Wide Plank

I am not saying quality is as good as Mirage and Lauzon for example, whose pricing reflects near top drawer. Columbia is a far better way to go over the likes of Bruce and their Armstrong line, but it is a bit harder to find in some areas that have an allegiance to some of the larger manufacturers.

Over the past five years alone, Columbia has introduced some attractive options in trendier hand sculpted and wire brushed styles. Best yet, some are actually solid hardwoods but they will not go over five inches for with good reason. Even five inch solid widths can be problematic, unless the ambient moisture levels throughout your home are kept constant; particularly basements.

Quality Built Engineered

A few drawbacks I always look at are short lengths on engineered products. This probably should not be a determining factor in any buying decision if you have smaller rooms. Nevertheless, using these types in larger open spaces can appear cheapish, but that may only be my opinion and not yours. For whatever reason, it’s all about what you like. I’m only offering what you may not hear in your average flooring store.

One more tidbit of minor significance are the lengths of their prefinished trim moldings. Most companies produce lengths of 72 or 78 inches while Columbia goes to 84. What’s the big deal? After all it’s only six inches. If you’re putting hardwood on stairs you’ll understand.

Unfinished hardwood, sanded and finished on site is another product line worth considering with Columbia. Consult with local dealers on this one.

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Product Lines- Solid 3/4" Engineered 3/8" & 1/2" Plank Widths; 2 1/4" to 5"

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