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Bella Cera

The product reviewed is no longer sold by Uptown Floors. We only offer our own USA made hardwoods.

I’ve been fond, but not overly ecstatic of Bella Cera since it Bella Cera hardwoodbegan showing in dealer showrooms seven years ago (2008). Fortunately the company hasn’t jumped on the natural oil finish rage like so many others, but they’re beginning to. Sorry folks, I just don’t put a lot of faith in these finish types. They sounded like a dream when they first came out. Easy to repair, simple recoat every year or so. However, since their widespread use they found a darker side in that they wear very quickly (high traffic areas) and can also remove the underlying finish color.

Higher Quality Engineered - Ideal For Wide Plank

Installation wise, Bella Cera has compliments from the installers I’ve talked with. Having personally worked with Amalfi Coast on a job in late 2014, I found it good to work with as well. I just didn’t like the overall finished look. To some it probably makes no difference, but trying to piece together a wide random plank floor with short lengths is more like a piece of art and takes a lot of patience to stagger it as best as possible so the end joints don’t stare at you. That’s something the average installer will not take the time for, unless you’re there to oversee the project. But it still looks like a checkerboard in my opinion.

Quality Built Engineered

I’ve always had problems in believing many of these Chinese made products are actually handcrafted as they say are. I know part of the story from Tony Robison who has been involved with the company since their early days. Having known Tony from the National Wood Flooring Association since 2003, I have to believe Bella Cera is authentic and not like many of those mass produced Chinese imports that sell at discount places on the web and in some dealer showrooms.

The company also has regional brands. The more popular ones includes Palmetto Road that can be found in the southeast USA and California Classics, marketed in the southwest. Opinion wise, if you can get past the names I have difficulty pronouncing, Bella Cera is a good mid priced level product for those not seeking the more popular "cheapest and best" floor. Overall the rating shown is more like a 3 and 3/4 star and not the 3 1/2 shown below.

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