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Armstrong Wood Floors

The product reviewed is no longer sold by Uptown Floors. We only offer our own USA made hardwoods.

The Armstrong wood floor line is a convergence of two olderArmstrong Wood Floors brands that included Hartco and Robbins. The company has kept a slow pace with the vast changes in style and color we see today in all sorts of hardwood floors. They’ve reinvented themselves in sorts as the emphasis today is more on Hickory, Maple and Walnut, instead of American oaks.

Installation and product quality wise, the company stands at the threshold of medium quality due to mass production. This is quite common for all major American manufacturers, or those you see in full service flooring stores that sell it all; carpet, vinyl and tile. It’s more about fast production to please buyers that have narrower budget restraints.

Higher Quality Engineered - Ideal For Wide Plank

A few bright spots include Performance Plus. This line offers improved durability in the manner it’s constructed. The veneer on this engineered product is a composite of actual hardwood with polymers that are injected into the pores of the hardwood under intense pressure, creating a harder product. Appearances are no different, but each product can withstand more everyday punishment floors get. It also resists water and moisture more so than other hardwoods.

Quality Built Engineered

American Scrape is another getting attention. Distressed in the form of scraping and character grade type hardwoods, you’ll find some popular gray tones then a lean to darker browns. Unfortunately, most of the major American manufacturers (Armstrong included) that produce engineered floors are not keeping up with the Asian imports in that overall board lengths are much shorter, with most not going over four feet.

The newer Prime Harvest is something few imports aren‘t touching. Cleaner overall appearance in that the focus is away from the character type appearance to a more uniform consistency. No knots, wild color variation and the like. Lot’s of trendy colors here in this mid fall 2015 update that include off white, gray and medium to darker browns.

Styles and products many are buying have changed considerably the past five years that Armstrong does not seem to pay much attention to. But who am I to say? After all, everybody looks for their own niche. Perhaps they have one, but I can’t see it. With engineered hardwoods, imported products have better selling points that consumers are recognizing. Another is the wear layer thickness on engineered floors. Granted much of the company’s’ product line is not intended for the mid to high end market, but I see no innovation on their part in creating any unique product lines.

Popular Products
American Scrape
American Scrape
Prime Harvest Dovetail
Prime Harvest Dovetail

Common Parquet flooring remains; the only company I know of that maintains an affordable priced parquet and not the very high end stuff. Five color selections are offered.

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Product Lines- Engineered, Solid 3/4" Parquet

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