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Anderson - Tuftex

The product reviewed is no longer sold by Uptown Floors. We only offer our own USA made hardwoods.

My view of Anderson has always been favorable.Anderson Hardwood Floors Primarily a manufacturer of engineered hardwoods until recent, the company has been in the limelight for many product innovations over the years.

It first started with engineered flooring. Yes, Anderson was the first. However it did take time to grab interest. Today engineered flooring is installed in areas and under conditions never thought of in the past. A boon for hardwood floors in general, it didn’t stop there.

Likely to be the single most important product innovation in recent times was the advent of aluminum oxide finishes in the late 90‘s. Look at Anderson to be the one that brought on this rage. Since, nearly every manufacturer has followed suit with their own form of tough surface finishes.

Higher Quality Engineered - Ideal For Wide Plank

The list goes on to the year 2001 when prefinished hand scraped floors were introduced. If you’ve been shopping for floors you must know how popular these have become. Nearly every manufacturer has at least one line in their bag of goodies. Anderson Virginia Vintage is the company’s flagship line in this department; also featuring a number of solid hardwoods.

Quality Built Engineered

At one time Anderson captured the random width plank market with scraped floors that today includes Virginia Vintage and Casitablanca; the latter imported from Paraguay. Chinese imported brands have all but shoved Anderson to the back of many dealer showrooms offering a multitude of possibilities the company has not approached.

Looking to keep up with the company? Anderson is very active in social media on both Facebook and Twitter and does provide a few internally produced videos on their website that tells more about the company and its direction. They also maintain a blog type section of their site called Design Ideas which is smartly written by not boldly promoting its products like other companies tend to do.

If there was one drawback to Anderson's product selections I would have to point to the limited lengths on their engineered lines. Over the last five to ten years others have brought to production more favorable longer length engineered.

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