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Coping Quarter Round Trim Moldings

The purpose of coping trim moldings allows for a Coping quarter roundtighter fit into corners that would otherwise be out of square. It has really become a lost art with fewer handling it in this manner.

Coping Procedures

First step is cutting an inside 45 degree cut on the miter saw. Basically slide the miter to the left and lock into the 45 position. Once the miter is made, a coping saw is used to trim out the meaty end of the cut. Do so while maintaining an angled cut greater than 45 degrees with a coping saw into the material while staying on the actual mitered cut line.

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Once completed, one piece of trim with a straight end cut is butted into the corner of the baseboard and the new coped joint will overlap. Once the desired fit is made nail into baseboard.

After coping
Nail with snug fit
After coped cut
Nail with snug fit

Mitered Seams

When connecting two pieces in an open area, a mitered seam looks more professional. These can be accomplished by cutting an outside miter as we did in our initial steps shown on previous pages. The next piece will then be an inside miter cut and will overlap once you're ready to nail it into place.

Mitered quarter round seam
Mitered quarter round after
Mitered seam before nailing
After nailing

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