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Hardwood Floors In Bathrooms

I am often asked, “is it safe to install wood floors in Hardwood floor in bathroom the bathrooms of our house?” The answer is yes and no. Full baths with tubs and kids is not a good idea. If you happen to live in an adult only household that towels off while in the tub or shower, the application can be successful without problems. However, certain precautions should be considered.

Ventilation. Open Windows - Eliminate Problems

Extra precautions such as using large area rugs at the exit point of tubs or showers are a good idea. Another important preventive measure is ventilation. Ventilation can be as simple as not only running a fan, but opening windows and doors after bathing or showering. Moisture and hardwood flooring has never been a good mix but keeping them separate of one another is the best solution for a problem free floor.

USA Made hardwood floors

Do Extra Finish Coats Help?

Generally, adding a few extra layers of finish do not help when it comes to moisture. Some may think extra finish coats will help seal the flooring, but with constant humidity changes within a cramped environment, it actually creates more stress. Finishes are not as elastic as one may think and constant changes in the relative humidity allow for ever so slight seams to open and close. It may not be visible to the naked eye but they are there.

Powder Rooms

No problem with powder rooms, because they don’t have the potentially troublesome problem that tubs and showers have.

Other Design Ideas

In recent years several vinyl flooring manufacturers have been duplicating wood floor like vinyl floors. One particular manufacturer to look at is Konecto by MetroFlor. It may prove to be an alterative choice for wood flooring throughout the home. The company manufacturers some very impressive hardwood look alike floors that are easily floated over most all subfloors. View the video below and see for yourself.

Image Source: home-designing.com