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Hardwood Floor Installation

    • Nailed or Stapled
    • Hardwood on Concrete
    • This type of installation is used over wood sub floors. This can include those with basements below or over plywood on concrete. Costs, materials and time analyzed.
    • This section deals with solid hardwood on concrete with a plywood sub floor. Three different sub floor applications are discussed with costs differences analyzed.
    • Glue Down
    • Site Finished
    • Used predominantly for concrete slab installations with engineered products. Costs, materials and time analyzed.
    • Floors that are installed unfinished then sanded and finished in place. Popular with high end construction. Traditional.
    • Trim Moldings
    • Hardwood On Stairs
    • We take you into prefinished trim moldings. Types, profiles, how and where they’re installed.
    • This section deals with installing prefinished hardwood on existing stairs. We also have a section on stair treads.
    • Do It Yourself
    • Floating Floors
    • It may sound easy. We take you into what to expect when doing the job yourself. Some installation types are harder than others. Not easy on the body either.
    • Floating floors are just that. They float over any sub floor type. Ideal for DIY’ers and those with questionable sub floors.

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