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Gloss, Satin, Matte Hardwood Floor Finishes

What’s Best For Me? WHY?

Many that are new to hardwood floor shopping find themselves in a quandary; which type to choose? A bit of history may shed some light on the current preference for matte finished floors.

Why Matte Finishes?

Plain and simple, far easier to maintain and hide the scratches that will inevitably happen. It is not however a guarantee you won’t see them. I try to be as fair as possible showing all sides to the story while having extensive experience in what many obsess over or complain about. More to this story below.

All Uptown hardwoods are finished with a 20% matte unless customers want something with a lower sheen or one that shows very little shine. We can also finish any product shown on the site with a more formal 40% semi gloss level.

10% low  matte hardwood floor finish
Low matte often refers to gloss levels in the ten percent range. It offers a very dull look.
20% matte hardwood floor finish
Matte typically refers to gloss levels in the twenty percent range, offering an enhanced shine from 10%
40% semi gloss hardwood floor finish
40% brings in double the reflective light seen with the 20% matte. Preferred in formal settings.

What Happened to Gloss and Satin Finishes?

They’re still around as you’ve probably noticed. Both can be a maintenance issue or worry with most new floor buyers because many set expectations far too high and compare hardwood floors almost to that of a fine piece of furniture today.

Hardwood Floors Today. 'It’s a Piece of Furniture.'

This is another reason why glossy and satin finishes have fallen out of style. Too many compare hardwood floors to fine furniture and expect it to stay that way.

Many new floor owners have taken it too far. Hardwood floors are walked on and can get beaten up in the meantime. By no means is it furniture. It’s a functional part of the home. Similar to that brand new car in the driveway. Functional, but you place high value on it. That same car by the way, many will park away from other cars at the grocery store so it doesn’t get scratched…until you get over it. Right?

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What’s A Gloss Level? Why So Many Terms? I’m Confused!

Gloss levels are defined as the amount of reflective light that shows. Other manufacturers have far too many terms that confuse many that do NOT include the actual gloss level in percentage terms. We’ve fine tuned our gloss levels into percentage terms as consumers are better apt to understand it compared to other creative marketing names.

20% matte UV finishing
20% matte application on Maple Reserve going through our UV finishing station.