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Uptown Floors was originally created for the consumer in mind, seeking general information relating to and obtaining information on basics, and what to expect when considering or having hardwood flooring work done in the home.

Additionally, other pages within this site offer suggestions only, on what to expect when looking for hardwood flooring installers or finishers. All do it yourself projects and tool techniques shown on this site should be addressed with the utmost care for personal safety when considering any project. Uptown Floors.com cannot be held responsible as sensible precautions should be taken at all times. For more on personal safety, common sense and diy projects visit this page.

We try to keep updated product presentations and reviews on the site. However, designs, appearances, types of construction and other applications can change from time to time at the manufacturers will. It is advised if making any decisions from our resources to double check with each individual manufacturer before making any buying decisions locally or over the internet.

Uptown Floors.com disclaims any information that may be linked to this site, but we feel the information from several professional organizations to be appropriate and educating for the consumer.

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